2 top ASX shares I want to buy in 2022

I think 2022 is becoming a suitable time to buy some ASX parts at a better price.

Ultimately, investing is about finding good investments and buying them at good prices.

We can now buy a lot of ASX shares at a cheaper price. That’s a good idea for me, which is why I like the look of these two ideas:

WCM Global Growth Ltd. (ASX: WQG)

This potential investment is a listed investment company (LIC).

As the name suggests, LIC is looking for global businesses that have attractive growth potential.

There are two main factors the investment team looks for in WCM, besides good price.

WCM wants to find businesses with a growing economic moat. In other words, the target is the businesses that see their competitive advantages growing. This can be measured by increasing return on equity (ROE).

Another thing the ASX share investment team is looking for is a good corporate culture that facilitates and encourages the growth of economic moat/competitive advantages.

Some of the businesses currently fitting the bill for the portfolio include: Sherwin-Williams, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Amphenol, Visa, Stryker, UnitedHealth, ServiceNow, Church & Dwight, Nike and Old Dominion Freight Line.

The share price of WCM Global Growth dropped 30% in 2022, so I think its underlying portfolio is better value now.

Brickworks is limited (ASX: BKW)

For me Brickworks has always been at an attractive discount to the underlying value of its assets.

While I like the long-term prospects of developing divisions of its products, specifically the U.S., and its investment division, I am more attracted to Brickworks for its industrial property stake and its dividend.

Along with franking credits, Brickworks currently has a dividend yield of approximately 4%. It hasn’t cut its dividend in over forty years, which is a great stability for shareholders.

The industry property trust is a 50:50 joint venture between Brickworks and Goodman Group (ASX: GMG).

The property trust benefits from the strong demand for logistics and e-commerce facilities. Large warehouse is being built Coles Group Ltd. (ASX: COL) at Woolworths Group Ltd (ASX: WOW). It ended up being a massive warehouse for Amazon.

I think the fact that the trust has years of asset projects in the future is really attractive. This will increase the net asset value of the trust as well as the net rental profit. This should help grow the dividend in the coming years and also increase the underlying value of Brickworks shares.

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