Acquisition of MSP: Purchase of IT Services Business Executive Team Members

Several executives at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based MSP (managed IT services provider) got the business from former owner Brian Conboy. The financial terms of the deal – which involves Advanticom – were not disclosed.

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MSP Business History, Transfer of Ownership

Advanticom, founded in 1996, has 26 employees listed on LinkedIn. The company positions itself as Pittsburgh’s first ISO 27001 certified MSP that specializes in cybersecurity, infrastructure solutions, cloud solutions, IT managed services, risk management services, and communications services. Key partners include Microsoft, ServiceNow, Dell and RingCentral, according to the Advanticom website.

Deal details to keep in mind include:

  • New President and CEO Keith Arnold is now the majority shareholder of MSP;
  • the ownership group also includes three minority shareholders-Jason Fink, Jonathan Geyerat Rob Rech; at
  • all shareholders have worked together for the past eight years.

The ownership transfer began in discussions between Conboy and Arnold at the end of 2021. Prior to the deal, Arnold ran day-to-day operations at Advanticom for the past several years.

In a prepared statement about the transfer of ownership, Arnold said:

“Over the past five years, we’ve been building something very special at Advanticom: the tenure and camaraderie we have with our Senior Engineering team. The years spent working side by side in the trenches have built a level of confidence that will set us up for success in the years to come. The Managed Services marketplace is evolving, with a growing focus around IT security. Today, businesses want to work with an MSP with security -focused engineers and an operational maturity beyond the capabilities of the traditional MSP. We anticipated this move a few years ago and we have built our capacity to a level that positions Advanticom as a leader in the marketplace. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a company with this level of talent and vision. ”

Executive Team: Expert Areas

Jason Fink, Advanticom’s director of cloud services, has been with the company for 12 years. He serves as the organization’s Microsoft Practice Manager and Risk Assessment manager for ISO27001 practice.

Jonathan Geyerthe director of security services of Advanticom, has been with the company for eight years and has worked in the industry for more than 15 years.

Rob Rechthe director of infrastructure services of Advanticom, the organization’s longest -serving partner in 17 years with the organization.

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