AI-based IT job scheduling startup Licorice raised $ 1.8 million

AI scheduling startup Licorice has raised $ 1.8 million as the dreaded IT ticket looks set to end.

Supporters of the Adelaide startup were not disclosed. The funds are intended to accelerate software development and expand its strategy of going to market worldwide.

Licorice seeks to modify IT services by replacing the system of “tickets” for recording client activities, using an AI that automatically matches an incoming request to the correct engineer, calculating the time required for the task, and lets the customer select an appointment on an online calendar.

More than 1,200 IT service professionals in six countries have signed up as Licorice’s first customers.

The software service is designed to integrate with dozens of IT support platforms in a market worth more than $ 1 trillion.

Licorice founder Samantha Glocker said people should think of it as Apple Genius Bar, but for any industry with a complex customer support business model.

The problem, he says, is that the current model for triaging support is “like standing in a checkout queue where everyone can slice in front of you,” so you never know when you’ll be delivered.

“In the world of IT tickets, the most urgent jobs are evaluated at the top of the list while the less critical tasks are read in the package, and there is more than 30 percent of revenue lost to IT companies. ,” he says.

“With Licorice, there are no more jobs getting through the cracks, no more manual time entry, often from memory, no more endless going back and forth to book time with the right person. Charges are calculated automatically. “

He founded his startup in 2018 to build the world’s first cloud-based AI scheduling platform. Licorice also has offices in Houston, Texas.

Glocker’s own experience with IT support led him to conclude that it can be error prone and costly.

“With Licorice, clients know when to address their issue, and who will do the work, which in turn reduces the pressure on IT workers in one of the most stressful jobs in the world,” he said. .

“Now they can figure out the layout of their day before they come to work, and go home with a sense of satisfaction knowing what they’ve done.”

Glocker said he is now looking at further capital increases by mid -2022 to bolster his world ambitions.

“Every integration we do, whether that’s on an IT services platform like ConnectWise or ServiceNow, or a Zoom or Slack add-on, increases our market penetration drastically,” he said.

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