Akkadian Now Supports Cisco UCCE

Akkadian Labs announced support through its UC provisioning automation solution for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE).

The Akkadian Provisioning Manager benefits will be made available for Cisco UCCE customers, adding to the support Akkadian already has for Cisco Contact Center products.

In terms of user provisioning, Akkadian believes that large contact centers face challenges, such as agent capacity, location, and high turnover.

Tom Bamert, Chief Product Officer of Akkadian Labssaid:

“We are proud to announce this new integration, which we believe is the first of its kind in the market.

“Akkadian Provisioning Manager simplifies the provisioning process for large contact centers and achieves strong ROI by streamlining repetitive manual tasks.”

Previously, the Cisco UCCE user provisioning process was a manual process, vulnerable to human error and inaccuracies.

Akkadian’s solution will automate user provisioning using flexible job templates to meet the requirements of Cisco’s contact center customers.

With the introduction of Akkadian Provisioning Manager, the Unified Contact Center Management Portal will no longer be required.

The solution can add value to large contact centers by providing full-cycle and zero-touch automation through integration with ServiceNow and Active Directory.

An additional benefit offered by the solution is real-time directory number management.

API Triggers can be integrated to extend provisioning actions outside of Cisco.

Bulk provisioning is another feature of the provisioning solution that allows a large number of connections to be scheduled simultaneously.

Role-based access can also be implemented to off-load provisioning tasks for help desks.

Akkadian’s user provisioning for UC business grew out of its relationship with Cisco. It has now moved its support to other platforms, including Microsoft Teams.

The purpose behind Akkadian’s provision of services for UC businesses is to automate administrative tasks, thereby freeing skilled workers to focus on other projects.

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is the company’s flagship product, providing teams with a single pane of glass to new hires with UC tools used by the business.

Onboarding time can be significantly reduced by making it possible to enter an employee’s information once instead of multiple times for each UC application.

Akkadian took part in a discussion on UC service management where the company identified provisioning as one of the biggest trends in the sector.

In April, Akkadian talked about the opportunities its services could provide following the end-of-life announcement of Cisco Prime.

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