Alcor announces the new release of their automated real-time end-to-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS), TalentRun

  • Experience a powerful user experience with customized and intuitive workflows and enhancements that include worldwide search options, advanced interactive filters, role -based dashboards, and automated integration assessment before work
  • Improve their process efficiency with machine learning features and customization capabilities
  • Track real-time interaction through greater visibility throughout the applicant’s life cycle
  • Enhance business productivity with new features that include bulk import, automatic resume parsing, tables of talents, automated document repository, delegate functionality, bookmark and share functionality, on-hold functionality , and summary of reporting teams.

“TalentRun is a best in class solution for organizations of all sizes looking to increase their recruitment productivity at a very affordable price. It maximizes your return on investment by significantly reducing cost. in recruitment and increasing efficiency and productivity.New features and extended integration with key technology platforms in digital signatures, pre -employment analysis, job boards, analytics, and calendar integration, make TalentRun a standalone product on the ServiceNow platform that provides real-time end-to-end seamless recruitment, ”said Monisha Singh |Chairman and Senior Principal at Alcor.

Alcor is hosting a webinar “Transforming Recruitment Workflows for Seamless Hiring with TalentRun” on Feb. 24 at 10 am PST | 6 pm GMT to discuss more about the interface, dashboards, features, integration, and its business benefits.

To join the webinar and discover how TalentRun can reduce costs, increase recruitment productivity, and improve the overall user experience, please register here:

To learn more about TalentRun, you can visit the TalentRun Webpage or download the application from the ServiceNow App Store.

For more information on Alcor Solutions, please visit our website at, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook.

About Alcor

Alcor Solutions, Inc. is a San Francisco, California -based company that provides global cloud advisory and implementation services to clients across multiple geographies. Their clients include the global Fortune 500 as well as leading organizations in many industry verticals. Founded in 2008, the focus of Alcor Solutions Inc. is developing strong capabilities in innovative technologies and advising clients on their implementation. They are passionate about their leadership thinking and believe that successful IT implementation results equally from good strategy and technological excellence.

Alcor is an Elite ServiceNow® Partner, AWS Consulting Partner, Oracle® Partner, and works with several other innovative technologies including Microsoft, Salesforce®, FireEye ™, and more.

Alcor Enabling Cloud ™ is a registered trademark of Alcor.

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