Alpha Serve Releases Power BI Connector to ServiceNow Store

Mykolaiv, Ukraine, May 24, 2022-( Serve has created the Power BI Connector to help organizations add their important information to ServiceNow as a data source in Power BI and use it for their specific business reporting needs.

Microsoft Power BI is a great data visualization tool that allows companies to accelerate the integration of all necessary data sources for further analysis and reporting. And the insights received using the tool help to develop and implement smart and solid business decisions.

ServiceNow, in turn, is a comprehensive cloud platform that helps IT companies manage digital workflows for their business operations. It combines many solutions including those for automation, analysis, resource management, etc., and enables connecting people, functions, and systems throughout the organization and thus optimizing productivity, cost , and stability.

Typically, to connect these two tools together, teams use the Rest API or CSV file, but the method may require additional resources and coding skills. And the solution has many limitations, in particular, limited amounts of data. Power BI Connector is the first application of its kind in the ServiceNow Store that allows direct integration of Power BI ServiceNow.

The app allows users to export ServiceNow data to Power BI for further processing as well as adding ServiceNow to another data source with Power Query for complex reporting. The Power BI Connector has advanced filtering options for more accurate and relevant information selection and ensures secure data sharing by setting permissions and access. It is easy to use and requires no additional knowledge or coding skills. Professional tech support is also available to help users get the most out of the tool.

This will be especially useful for data analysts and agile teams that require integrated reporting across all business functions.

“We have expanded our line and we are happy to present a new BI integration solution – Power BI Connector. The plugin connects ServiceNow to Microsoft’s most powerful business intelligence platform Power BI. We have noticed that IT companies use dozens of products in their day-to-day work to manage workflow and are constantly looking for applications that connect to all of their tools to maintain effective production and optimize company processes and teamwork. That’s why we decided to create a new application without analogues in the ServiceNow Store, ”said Anna Odrynska, Alpha Serve’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Alpha Serve is a leading software development company with a primary focus on product integrations and BI connectors. It is a reliable contractor of enterprise IT and a ServiceNow Technology Partner. The company’s primary goal is to transform technological expertise into essential solutions with proven scalability, performance, and high levels of data security that help businesses improve customer satisfaction and effectiveness.

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