Amplitude Launches Campaign Reporting to Expand Deeper Insights into Marketing and Growth Performance Metrics

Amplitude Analytics adds reporting tools for attribution, channel, and business metrics to help customers measure performance across the funnel

LAS VEGAS, May 25, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Amplitude, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPL), the pioneer in digital optimization, today announced new Campaign Reporting tools with self-service insights into digital marketing investments. Now, with Amplitude Analytics-Amplitude’s #1 ranked product analytics solution-marketing and product teams can measure campaign and channel performance along with downstream product metrics such as engagement and retention. user. Campaign Reporting gives teams unprecedented visibility into metrics across the funnel, all in one system. Additional new features include outcome-focused Metrics and Data Tables that empower teams to discover how their marketing programs and product usage significantly impact key business outcomes such as sales and revenue. Together, these tools empower cross-functional teams to quickly close the insights-to-action loop and make smarter business decisions.

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between product and campaign data. Organizations use product analytics for visibility into customer habits and product changes, but have difficulty connecting marketing performance metrics such as attributing user growth to specific channels. According to Gartner®, “digital analytics markets collide and converge as vendors blur the lines between categories such as product analytics and digital experience analytics (DXA) and branch out into adjacent markets such as customer journey analytics. ” [1] For the first time, Amplitude brings together both marketing and product teams into a single system to understand how their investments drive growth.

Key innovations include:

  • Campaign Reporting -Using Amplitude’s new Campaign Reporting capabilities, businesses can see which acquisition channels users are coming from organic and paid sources, understand how marketing programs affect KPIs product using built-in attribution modeling, and understand cross-channel return on ad investments with new integrations into their advertising data platforms.

  • Metrics – Using the new outcome -based Metrics from Amplitude, product and marketing teams can quickly create a common set of metrics that make it easier to connect practices to results such as sales or revenue. Teams can now align common definitions for the metrics that matter most to their business and make faster decisions with trusted insights.

  • Tables – Using the new Data Tables, customers can measure multiple KPIs in a single view to compare and make decisions about their business. Data tables allow for more flexible reporting so that marketing and product have side-by-side analysis of metrics throughout the customer journey.

“With Amplitude, we are able to reduce the time needed to answer the most important metrics about our business including how our e-commerce channel drives new customer activations,” said Sheena Green, Director of Digital Insights and Analytics at Mint Mobile. “With the new campaign and attribution reporting built into Amplitude, we can now understand the entire customer journey from acquisition to retention to monetization, and have full visibility into our product growth metrics, including what channels and campaigns drive important revenue metrics. “

“Traditionally, marketing, product, and analytics teams all relied on separate tools to do their jobs, but now, this siled approach is no longer effective as organizations seek to understand how each decisions and actions affect their most important metrics, ”said Justin Bauer, Chief Product Officer at Amplitude. “With these customer needs in mind, we are duplicating digital analytics and investing in new tools that will provide holistic product insights faster. The introduction of campaign reporting, result metrics , and data tables make it easier for teams to integrate their analytics solutions while expanding the types of metrics they can track on the end-to-end customer journey. ”

Learn more about Amplitude Analytics here or watch a demo of Amplitude here.

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