Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Analysis

Microsoft Teams has proven itself as perhaps the latest hub for smart, collaborative conversations in the age of hybrid work.

Designed to consolidate your workforce at a time when employees are working remotely, in the field, and in the office, Microsoft Teams paves the way for a new era of productivity. At the same time, the technology gives companies the freedom they need to customize their communication experience using tools like Operator Connect and Direct Routing.

The success of Microsoft Teams as an internal tool for UCaaS has also prompted some companies to begin exploring the benefits of the platform for customer service. Thanks to direct routing, innovative companies like Anywhere365 can create powerful contact centers within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Here is your guide to the Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center for Teams.

Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center Features

Established as the world’s first “officially certified” Microsoft Teams contact center, Anywhere365 has officially changed the way companies think about their Teams ecosystem. With Anywhere365, companies can build a full omnichannel contact center with the Microsoft Teams experience, using voice and email capabilities, chat, SMS, social media, WhatsApp, and more.

The Anywhere365 environment even supports bot integrations and IoT connections to help you gather as much information as possible about your target audience.

Designed to be accessible for any business, this scalable contact center requires no courses or complex setup to get started. You can quickly board your hybrid team and expand your contact center as soon as possible. Features include:

  • Omnichannel interactions: Voice, email, chat, bot, SMS, social, IoT, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Smart routing: Skill -based, product -based, CRM -based, NFC/QR routing, longest idle, final agent, and machine learning routing
  • Web agent tools: Tools for providing business users and remote workers with the critical information they need from any environment while communicating with the contact center.
  • Reporting and intelligence: Intelligent analytics, data mining and business intelligence.
  • Developer features: Implement bots within the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services landscape to enable self-service and empower users.

You’ll also have full access to a range of great features for boosting team productivity and performance and ensuring business compliance. Call recording and real-time translation tools provide behind-the-scenes insights into calls and conversations, while wallboards and reporting tools help supervisors monitor employee performance.

Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center Benefits

A fully omnichannel and highly flexible approach to bringing contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams, Anywhere365 helps companies maximize their investment in Microsoft. The solution was natively developed in the Microsoft environment and launched as the world’s first officially certified contact center for Teams in January 2021. Since then, the service has evolved and evolved to support a wider range of users.

Anywhere365 users get access to more than one contact center; they also get a flexible environment with the ability to grow and scale to their business needs. Some of the significant benefits of this environment include:

  • Native Teams Experience: Built directly into Microsoft Teams, Anywhere365’s contact center ensures your employees can access a convenient and familiar experience, whether collaborating with colleagues or connecting with customers across a variety of tools. The official Microsoft team has approved the fully certified solution.
  • Omnichannel routing: Anywhere365 allows companies to create a fully omnichannel customer service experience with access to a variety of channels, including SMS, social media, and countless others. You can also choose from a range of routing options to determine how conversations are distributed between employees. You can also choose to use machine learning when assigning staff conversations.
  • Smart contact center features: With Anywhere365, you get an advanced and full-featured contact center with capabilities you don’t expect from most add-on services. The solution includes access to wallboards and dashboards, supervisor reporting tools to help track remote workers and even real-time translation for calls.
  • Seamless integration: Aside from working well within the Teams environment, Anywhere365 can also work with multiple integrations with leading tools such as Salesforce, SAP, and ServiceNow. The contact center is built with information sharing in mind, making it easy to scale your service.
  • Secure and scalable: Anywhere365 is designed to be fast and flexible in any customer service environment. You can ensure high security, consistency and performance across every channel, device, location, and time zone.

Who Can Benefit Anywhere365?

Anywhere365 gives companies all the benefits of an ultra-flexible omnichannel contact center built in a team member environment that already feels comfortable. This could be the latest solution for companies looking to build a single-pane-of-glass environment for communications and empower better collaboration between entire teams.

With Anywhere365, you can build a flexible contact center that fits you, with the opportunity to implement your smart bots, app integration, and routing decisions. You can also reach your customers on as many channels as you choose, using an omnichannel experience that goes beyond many major contact centers.

As the first certified contact center for Microsoft Teams, Amywhere365 has set the benchmark for all other vendors, showing how flexible and easy to use these environments are.

Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center: Verdict

Robust, scalable, and flexible, the Anywhere365 Direct Routing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams takes customer service within Teams to the next level. This rich ecosystem is full of customization options to allow companies to build the contact center that matters most to them. Plus, there are many integration options available.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for connecting UCaaS and CCaaS to the digital age, Anywhere365 can help you take your investment in Microsoft Teams to the next level.

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