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Augmented Reality is a technology. allowing users to experience 3D conceit in the real world. It makes a vision as if the virtual has accompanied them to the physical world. Imagine you want to buy some antique furniture for your home. While photos, videos, and 360-degree photos are more beautiful, it’s natural to doubt whether your chosen piece of furniture will blend well with your décor.

This is where AR begins and gives you the AR experience: you can see what a desk looks like in your classroom or how a footstool fits in your living room. Augmented reality has come to your Mac operating system because iOS devices now feature more powerful processors and capable cameras for immersive graphics on your iOS device screen. But whatever good hardware you own, it’s time to explore AR. With a great application that combines the virtual and real world, you can fully immerse yourself in games, social networks and practical equipment.

Check out the list of the best augmented reality apps for Mac OS

SHARE Oculavis

Oculavis SHARE makes machine -related knowledge available anytime, anywhere, so there is no need to travel with customer service technicians for every machine failure or problem. Related tasks can be solved remotely in your area. Workflows provide plant floor employees with structured knowledge such as step-by-step instructions for standardized processes.

AR overlays enable 3D visualization of components and can be enriched with work-related information. The technical challenges are independently mastered on the spot, without the help of a distant expert. However, if additional support is needed, the technician can connect live with that expert via smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses.


CGTrader Arsenal: 3D product visualization solution. Discover awesome new printable thumbnails from 10 different creators every month. Every day there are new 3D models from around the world. While we are at the beginning, the opportunity for retailers to enter.

ARsenal is a package of services needed to easily implement AR for online stores, including ways for retailers and brands to reduce the need for expensive product photo shoots, as 3D models can be based on images from a web link. product or a photo taken with a smartphone. .


Its machine is free and easy to install, so anyone can have a full-featured game development engine installed on their Windows PC or Mac (Linux support is also on the way) with minimal fuss. Just Google “download unity3d”. During the installation process, you can select specific build platforms.

Many are unchecked by default, so be sure to read the list and pick what you want. Android and WebGL are probably the ones worth bookmarking. If you haven’t looked at a machine or line of code before, Unity’s online tutorials can take you from your first moments to the editor and playful and share your first game in just a few hours.

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Pilot combines VoIP video calls with AR annotations to provide remote SMBs with an annotatable view of the field service environment. It is enabled by the following features. This is probably the most unique feature of TeamViewer Pilot. Whatever the user sees on the site in real time through a smartphone camera or AR glasses, the SME will see it on their desktop and then mark the screen.

These annotations can be in the form of notes, arrows, or any visible markings associated with the user on the site. Importantly, the AR annotations persist and stay on the object even when the camera is looking away. TeamViewer Pilot can identify objects and ensure that annotations remain on them.

flash of lightning

Blitzz is a full -featured field service management software designed to serve startups and businesses. Blitzz provides comprehensive solutions designed for web applications. This online field service management system offers routing, work order management, mobile access, electronic signature, inventory management in one place.

Use advanced features like image markup to collaborate on solutions and get tips on where they might get stuck while fixing. Blitzz is deeply integrated with CRM and ITSM such as Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow. Customer support technicians can remotely view a customer’s computer and use Blitzz to remotely diagnose and resolve the issue.


Design meaningful AR experiences by making them interactive. Hololink’s user-centric interface gives you a visual overview of interactions, allowing you to prototype faster than ever before. Get access to thousands of 3D models (or import your own) for use in your projects. No need to make your own models or worry about expensive models.

We love AR, design, and interactivity – these elements are at the heart of Hololink and always will be. Hololink is for our users. We listen to your feedback and implement features based on your requests. Creating projects is as simple as opening your browser and you’ll enjoy seamless integration with your phone.

meet in VR

GatherInVR-Queppelin’s metaverse platform offers high compatibility for users to access metaverse events from any device, whether desktop or smartphone.

It is also a platform for virtual reality meetings and virtual reality conferences and can be customized for any business or company.


The GlarVision Augmented & Connected worker platform optimizes the day-to-day work of industrial teams. Frontline workers are becoming more productive, running operations faster, and safer.

The connected worker platform enables process digitization, customizable work instructions, and 2D or Augmented Reality (AR) guidance, to ensure more efficient operations.


Gethaip allows organizations to promote their print magazines, brochures or packages with recordings. Count your accounts creatively and increase your bids.

With gethaip you can place recordings on any real surface. SURPRISE OTHERS WITH YOUR HAIP Do you need to surprise your clients, representatives or guests? You are here! 1. Register for free at Transfer your photo and video 3. Share your haip and surprise others Get started now for free and raise your items.


The fabric, like most AR, is a bit hard to describe, but Garlick tries to position it somewhere between memory utility and wacky gimmick. While Fabric offers standalone apps for iOS, it has no illusions about being the next big thing, instead focusing on making its technology part of another brand’s apps.

Modern metaverse proofreader web platform to coordinate the various sources of information that are in the warehouses in a company. No program or equipment restrictions are used. No editorial code manager. Based on programs. Programming Skeptic – Runs in any scenario Hardware Rationalist – Runs on any device

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