BT targets AIOs at Dynatrace, targets self-healing systems by 2025-PCR

BT Digital has announced plans to integrate all of the BT Group’s monitoring applications into the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform as part of a new service management stack. Dynatrace will be deployed throughout the Group, with the goal of simplifying, adding intelligence to, and ultimately automating, service operations within BT with a new AIOps model, supported by the recently announced work of BT at ServiceNow.

“Dynatrace, along with ServiceNow, gives us accurate insight into our technology property and brings together all the data in one glass pane,” commented Jim Dempsey, Director of Services at BT. “This will allow us to improve predictability and drive faster resolutions, which will drive a better customer experience.”

Mike Maciag, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace, said: “The Dynatrace platform combines in -depth observation, runtime application security, and advanced AIOps to provide answers and smart automation from data. We are excited to work with BT Group’s digital teams to simplify service operations and develop a self-healing system, including automated closed-loop remediation with ServiceNow. The result will free BT teams from manual tasks, so they can focus on accelerating digital transformation to deliver consistently better business results. ”

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