Business News | On International Refugee Day, Welcome.US Announces New Pathways for Americans to Welcome Newcomers, Including First-of-its-kind Sponsorship Platform

Washington [US]June 21 (ANI/PRNewswire): Today, on World Refugee Day, Welcome.US is expanding pathways for Americans to support newcomers, including the launch of Welcome Connect, a first-of-its-kind platform, developed with support from Goldman Sachs, ServiceNow, Infosys, and the Breakthrough Prize Foundation’s Tech for Refugees initiative.

While more than 58,000 Americans have already raised their hand to sponsor Ukrainians seeking safety in the United States, many are still in need of shelter who have not yet been matched with a sponsor. To bridge this gap and recruit Americans to sponsor 100,000 Ukrainians, Welcome.US and its partners have created Welcome Connect, a user-friendly platform to provide a secure, streamlined process for Americans looking to connect with beneficiaries and serve displaced Ukrainians who need a sponsor but have no connection to one.

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Beginning June 22, Americans interested in becoming sponsors can sign up through Welcome Connect, where they will complete sponsorship training and build a profile. Starting June 29, Ukrainians seeking asylum in the United States will be able to join the platform and once the profiles threshold for both sponsors and beneficiaries is filled, users will be invited to connect with each other to pursue the sponsorship.

Welcome.US also invites people across America to commit to ‘Be a Welcomer’ and take action to support Ukrainian and Afghan newcomers. At the Welcome.US ‘Be a Welcomer’ interactive art installation at Pioneer Court in Chicago, Illinois from June 17-21, visitors can share a greeting message for newcomers. Americans can also send a virtual postcard or recorded video welcome message online. As one of the top 10 cities where Afghan and Ukrainian newcomers have settled in the United States, Chicago is a microcosm of reception taking place in dozens of communities across the country. As a Welcomer, Americans can support newcomers from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere by sponsoring or by volunteering, donating funds to the Welcome Fund to support organizations community-based and essential products for home set-ups, or providing other resources including safe transportation or temporary housing through Welcome.US and partners.

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“World Refugee Day is an opportunity to recognize the courage and resilience of the millions forced to flee their home country and to celebrate all who opened their arms to accept them,” said Welcome.US CEO Nazanin Ash. “We need everyone to get involved, so we ask Americans to commit to being Welcomer and take action to support safety seekers in the United States. Through the new Welcome Connect platform, and with our partners throughout country, Welcome .The US inspires and empowers people from across America to unite in a common goal and help newcomers thrive in their new communities. “

Linking displaced Ukrainians with American sponsors

Ukrainians fleeing the war can seek refuge in the United States through the recently announced Uniting for Ukraine program. This federal program requires displaced Ukrainians to be sponsored by a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, other legally present individuals, non-profits, educational institutions, or an employer.

The new Welcome Connect platform brings together interested Americans and individuals fleeing the war in Ukraine in need of a sponsor, and initiates the sponsorship process in an accessible, efficient, and secure way. The easy -to -use site is designed to provide agency to vulnerable Ukrainians and ensure that sponsors for the first time have a positive experience.

Welcome Connect was built with engineering leadership from Goldman Sachs, as well as extensive support from ServiceNow and Infosys, providing expertise and support for the first build at no cost, including design, development, and technical support. The Breakthrough Prize Foundation’s Tech for Refugees initiative will financially support the Welcome Connect platform as it grows, and ServiceNow is hosting Welcome Connect on its Now Platform free of charge. Integrations with additional platforms, including EdApp, are also currently being developed.

This solution is designed to meet the immediate needs around sponsorship for displaced Ukrainians, but can be adapted for future work related to private sponsorship for other refugee groups.

Recognizing this historic moment

This year, World Refugee Day marked an unprecedented moment as the number of forced refugees worldwide reached 89.3 million by the end of 2021 and now exceeds 100 million for the first time in history, according to the UN refugee agency. Due to the war in Ukraine, the collapse of Kabul in August 2021, and other recent international conflicts, this number represents one in every 78 people in the world forced to flee their homes, which equates to 14th. which is the most populous country. .

Welcome.US was founded to unite, inspire, and empower Americans to support asylum seekers here, starting with Afghan refugees evacuated to the United States after the fall of Kabul in August 2021. The real Welcome.US’s ambition is to grow the contributions and intense desire of everyday Americans to assist newcomers in substantial capacity and a firm commitment to accept asylum seekers here.

In partnership with local and national resettlement agencies, community organizations and leaders, refugees, community sponsorship groups, nonprofits, businesses, faith -based institutions, veterans, universities, four former Presidents and four formerly First Ladies, Welcome.US is the only entry point for Americans who want to get involved and support those starting a new life in the United States.

To learn more about Welcome.US, please visit

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