Celonis is made up of the Industry’s Leading Companies and Business Leaders

Celonis, the global leader in implementation management, today announced the full line of speakers, products, and highlights for 2022 Celonis World Tour. The Celonis World Tour will begin at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in the Bay Area California and then rotate to 12 cities in The united state, Europeat Japanese. Celonis also released a new set of product enhancements and research findings that will help companies accelerate ROI and top, bottom, and green line values ​​from process initiatives.

The Celonis World Tour is a series of live in-person events that will feature more than 100 of the industry’s leading companies, GSIs, industry experts, and Celonis leaders. Discussions will cover a wide range of topics including how to combat inflation, supply shortages, and recessionary factors in enforcement management. Speakers will demonstrate how the world’s leading companies dramatically improve performance by finding and fixing hidden inefficiencies in front office, back office, and supply chain processes.

Speakers from leading companies including Accenture, IBM, Bosch, Deloitte, HP, KPMG, the LEGO Group, LinkedIn, MARS, Nationwide Insurance, ServiceNow, Splunk, Uber, Constellation Research, HFS and more will share their best practices in applying data, intelligence, and automated actions to key business functions.

At each world tour stop, Celonis product leaders will showcase new enhancements for the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) that will help streamline the ability to integrate data, apply intelligence and trigger actions. at Celonis EMS.

  • New Celonis Data Integration user experience: The new and visually guided setup process will make data integration with Celonis EMS easier and faster. This will streamline the first step of each new customer interaction.
  • Improved Celonis Process Data Engine: The infusion of streaming data within Celonis EMS is a game changing ability for companies to streamline processes and execute in real-time. The enhanced Celonis Process Data Engine allows customers to analyze large and complex process data sets, up to 52x faster than traditional SQL-based technology.
  • New Celonis Experiences for Microsoft: This new Celonis offering will allow customers to integrate with Microsoft Power BI to share process data more widely, collaborate through Microsoft Teams, and trigger automations with Microsoft Power Automate. It allows customers to apply insights and actions from Celonis EMS to the systems and tools they already use.
  • Improved Celonis Action Flow. Action Flows lets customers apply smart automation to easily fix process problems found by Celonis EMS. For example, customers can automatically trigger actions in SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce systems-or initiate workflows in ServiceNow, without touching the underlying systems.

New Celonis Application Management Study Reports Nearly Nine Hours Increase in Positive ROI Applying Centers of Excellence

Celonis released a new study conducted in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, which is available here in full. More than 200 Celonis customers participated in this research that focused on the comprehensive benefits of Centers of Excellence for process initiatives.

Findings include:

  • Companies with CoE are almost nine times more likely to achieve positive ROI: 100% of those surveyed agreed that having a CoE is important, whether they have it or not.
  • CoEs deliver powerful benefits downstream: 92% of customers agree that a Celonis CoE increases transparency; 79% agreed that a CoE helps to better identify relevant use cases; 75% agreed that a CoE has a positive impact on cost savings; and 57% agreed that a CoE improves automation.
  • Connecting more processes brings more value: 85% of customers who connected five or more processes to a Celonis CoE resulted in a positive ROI.
  • Scaling CoEs Across the Department Brings Higher Value: The more processes connected to a CoE, and the more departments supported by a CoE, the greater the value. Customers reported a strong correlation between the size of a CoE and positive ROI.

“At BMW, our hybrid Celonis Center of Excellence has been the key enabler to the most effective use of the Celonis Execution Management System in our global organization since 2016,” said Drs. Patrick Lechner, Head of Mining Process at BMW. “Based on many years of operational experience at Celonis, the CoE continues to provide us with valuable insights into best practices and success factors. We always seek to better optimize how we operate across all of our business units from engineering to production to customer support and functionality. “

“We have the ambition to apply the mining process to our process landscape,” he said Timo Peters, Business Process Consultant at Nokia. “To achieve that, we want to expand user adoption every day using the Celonis Execution Management System. Our Celonis Center of Excellence plays a key role in the release of Celonis, by providing tremendous insight into best practices for speeding up appreciation time, particularly regarding change management, which tops our list of priority. “

This research is the latest in a series of reports demonstrating the value and momentum for the implementation management movement. A recent report from the IBM Institute of Business Value found that 87% of Chief Supply Chain Officers plan to use execution management. And a recent Forrester Consulting survey found that 61% of business decision makers will use, or evaluate, the mining process over the next 12 months, ranking the top technology they plan to use to measure or improve their business processes.


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