Collibra adds innovations, tools, and services to the data intelligence cloud

Collibra has announced product updates, expanded integrations, new tools and services for its Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, the only interaction system for data. The updates are designed to drive clarity and ensure that every user can be as productive as possible.

“According to IDC, 83% of executives believe they need more data driven now than before the pandemic. However, businesses today are faced with an increasingly complex data landscape, and the quantity, diversity and speed of data is just accelerating, ”said Laura Sellers, chief product officer for Collibra. “To meet this challenge, businesses need a modern data intelligence approach that makes it easy for business users to quickly find, trust and access the massive amount of data they have. This is why I am excited to announce a series of new innovations that enhance productivity and provide more context and insights at your fingertips. Together, these updates will empower our customers to use data more effectively and innovatively and allow for better ROI from their data. ”

New Capabilities to Provide More Context and Clarity to Data:

  • Collibra’s comprehensive data intelligence platform combines data catalog, data lineage, flexible governance, seamless quality and built-in privacy. With these new updates, organizations can build on data maturity by driving more context and trust in data.
  • New Data Quality and Observation capabilities: New auto-validation rules in Collibra Data Quality & Observability allow businesses to measure sensitive data detection and data quality enforcement seamlessly, protecting on sensitive data and reduces risk. With the new DQ workflows, data managers can centralize and prioritize all data quality requests within the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, facilitating faster data issue resolution.
  • Collibra Everywhere browser extension: The new Collibra Everywhere browser extension provides quick access to context about data when browsing Tableau and Power BI reports, allowing analysts to better understand and trust the reports. The extension also works with Confluence, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNOW, Snowflake, Sharepoint and online query editors, allowing users to quickly get the information and context they need from Collibra.
  • Automation of stewardship tasks: New capabilities for data managers enhance productivity by automating data curation, reducing manual effort and enabling business context to be easily added to that -catalog metadata in size.
  • Improved visualization: New capabilities ensure users can quickly visualize and understand relationships across all data assets.

Expanded support for Tableau and b = new support for Matillion ensures customers get in -depth visibility and insights into metadata and lineage from these tools in one central location:

  • Tableau Integration: Collibra’s newly enhanced integration provides in -depth visibility and insights into Tableau Metadata through expanded connectivity to data sources, automated stitching and a complete technical and line of business view to help customers find, understand and trust the business intelligence reports they need in one place.
  • Matillion Integration: With the new Collibra and Matillion integration, businesses can ingest Matillion ETL lineage into Collibra and visualize end-to-end technical lineage, which will expand visibility into enterprise data .

Collibra has also launched new learning pathways and services to help customers plan, design and execute their data intelligence strategy efficiently.

These services and learning paths help customers accelerate their appreciation time by ensuring they have the support and knowledge of onboard teams and accelerate the use of new capabilities on the platform:

  • The Foundation and Strategy Program assists customers with strategic planning efforts including roadmapping, use case prioritization and implementation services.
  • The Resident Architect Program is available to support customers with a dedicated architect to help guide and strengthen their internal Collibra capabilities and expedite use case implementation within one year.
  • The Data Quality Virtual Lab is a hands-on course that allows customers to practice creating and running data quality evaluations, analyzing and evaluating reports and scorecards as well as configuring and managing of rules and alerts.

The Collibra Test Drive for Quality and Observation Data is now freely available.

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