Copeland Borough Council’s initiative using the NDA to stimulate the economy

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced a new initiative to stimulate the economy in Cumbria, to create diverse jobs, skills and training opportunities.

Copeland Borough Council developed the project, with support from the NDA, which will see an Industrial Solutions Hub based on Cleator Moor in West Cumbria. This hub will create around 700 new job opportunities, generating an additional £40 million in revenue each year for local businesses.

The NDA has pledged £7 million worth of support for the project, following up on its commitment to invest in communities where it advances the mission of nuclear decommissioning. The funding will be used to build iSH’s new campus, while aiming to unlock further government funding as part of the Cleator Moor Town Deal, worth £22.5 million.

David Peattie, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority said:

“We work with communities to invest in projects that deliver a positive and lasting legacy, providing significant social and economic benefits.

“iSH will create jobs and opportunities or generations to come and provide space for organizations to collaborate and develop solutions to global industry challenges. In partnership with Sellafield Ltd and Copeland Borough Council, our investment aims to leverage millions more than we could provide on our own, helping to maximize the benefit of our mission to the West Cumbrian community.”

Alongside funding from the NDA, Sellafield Ltd has also invested in the project through a social impact multiplied programme, with £4.2 million injected to date, with further investment expected through the Cleator Moor Town Deal.

iSH Managing Director John Maddison added:

“We are grateful to those at the NDA, along with those at Copeland Borough Council and Sellafield, who have given our program their support and this vital financial support.

“iSH is an initiative of regional, national and international importance that will create jobs, enable collaboration, improve skills, provide access to business support, and bring a range of economic, environmental and social benefits to the community.

“We will build on the industry excellence of the NDA, Sellafield and its supply chain and through collaboration will turn that into opportunities for businesses and organizations to grow and create more skills, training and employment, making a positive difference to people’s lives, the community . and the environment.”

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