Cyxtera Selects CareAR to Provide Top Support to the AR Data Center

CareAR, a Xerox company, announced today that it has been selected by Cyxtera (NASDAQ: CYXT), a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services, to deliver a smarter data center service experience through CareAR’s augmented reality ( AR) Cyxtera’s Service Experience Management (SXM) platform and Remote Hands with on-site Visual Assist support.

Cyxtera Remote Hands with Visual Assist provides scheduled or on-demand support for its customer environments within Cyxtera data centers. CareAR’s SXM platform consists of CareAR® Assist, Instruct and Insight applications that provide real-time visual guidance and self-guided interactive instructions via desktop, mobile, and smart glasses. The combination of Cyxtera Remote Hands with Visual Assist, CareAR and ServiceNow will expand the customer support experience capabilities in enterprise AR.

Together, the companies deliver enhanced service and customer experience during Remote Hands with Visual Assist interaction, enabling real-time, in-session audio/visual and augmented reality capabilities. communication between Cyxtera and customers, and reduces time to complete support requests.

“As we continue to make our data centers easier to use and deliver reliable infrastructure solutions at cloud speeds, we deliver new capabilities to allow our customers to see firsthand the work our team is doing to support their needs are critical, “he said Thomas Cannady, VP, Cyxtera Network Services. “We are excited to partner with CareAR to deliver an innovative new capability that gives customers visual interactive capabilities in our data centers.”

In data center maintenance and deployment interactions, wearable-powered AR capability will reduce delivery support requirements and improve time in restoration cycles, increase the accuracy of site builds and limit the need to travel for site surveys and deployment initiatives. Amid customer builds, Cyxtera can use the CareAR platform to provide customers with remote updates via virtual walkthroughs for visual inspection of each milestone in the process.

“We are pleased that Cyxtera chose CareAR to help accelerate their changing service needs. The new world of work requires customer interaction to be digital, visual, and interactive for faster resolution, ”said Sam Waicberg, President and Co-Founder at CareAR.“ Cyxtera shares CareAR’s vision for redefining how service and support experiences are delivered, and now Cyxtera data center technicians equipped with AR-enabled smart glasses powered by CareAR’s SXM platform, are enabled by hands-free communication expert interaction and instructions, providing a more productive, superior and different level of service experience to their customers. ”

The solution is being launched in a number of Cyxtera data centers in many cities including New York / New Jersey, London, Dallas / Fort Worth, Northern Virginia, Chicago and Silicon Valley.

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