Deloitte, BT Automation team up for ServiceNow deployment in the Department of Industry – Services – Software

Deloitte and Canberra-based BT Automation have joined forces to implement the ServiceNow Protected Platform at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER).

The platform aims to streamline and automate the Department’s enterprise service management for its more than 4,000 employees.

DISER general manager of ICT operations Steve Stirling said the ServiceNow Protected Platform is used for multiple functions across the department.

“By using a platform to manage complex tasks and requests, we have improved our automation and streamlined a range of administrative tasks, allowing us to assign team members to more important work, “he said.

Deloitte and BT Automation implemented the platform for six months from June last year to replace various systems and processes, including old legacy IT software and various tools used by DISER to manually manage requests.

The ServiceNow platform integrates several department functions into one portal, giving employees a place to make requests and access a range of corporate services.

Requests are now automatically routed to the right teams and individuals, eliminating the review and sorting process and whose platform has provided self-service capability, a virtual agent to assist with inquiries. , and a knowledge base of articles, making information easy to find.

The new portal went live at the Department late last year, and this March saw approximately 2,300 knowledge article views, more than 6,500 self-service requests, more than 500 virtual agent conversations. completed and only 164 requests were filed via email.

Deloitte lead ServiceNow partner Sonia Eland said “The DISER team considers the user experience to encourage the use of new services, as well as an implementation strategy that will deliver business value early and often. . “

“With this in mind, they took a best in-class approach to the project, by engaging employees early in the change process, implementing out-of-the-box functionality and adapting processes to best fit the new system.

“Through its new interaction portal and then gradually adding features such as virtual agents, along with shutting down old inboxes and manual tools, DISER has reaped the rewards that there is almost total adoption in a large workforce, delivering significant efficiency gains across many teams and functions. ”

BT Automation managing director Mike Bennet said, “Our long history of partnering with Government means we have a deep understanding of the requirements and way of working of the public sector, which is essential to the completion of such a wide implementation very quickly. “

“The strong collaboration between all parties and the complete focus on driving positive results for the Department has led to many benefits and quick time to value.”

ServiceNow vice president and managing director ANZ Eric Swift said by directing less time towards completing service delivery tasks manually the Department would be more focused on its core obligations.

“In both the private and public sectors, unique digital experiences for employees are the key to unlocking productivity and freeing up time.”

“This brings huge demand from the range of regulated industries for the ServiceNow Protected Platform.”

“In our work with more than 100 Australian state and federal agencies, we see them faced with growing demands to deliver more with less while needing to adapt to increasing security and data sovereignty obligations.”

The Microsoft Azure -based platform was developed to meet the data security and sovereignty requirements of the Australian government and regulated industries.

The companies said the Protected Platform maintains all data within the country, and all support services and staff in Australia to meet the requirements of the Infosec Registered Assessors Program for sensitive government data management at the classification of protected.

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