DISER is tapping Deloitte and BT Automation for the launch of ServiceNow

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Deloitte and Canberra’s BT Automation have implemented the ServiceNow Protected Platform for more than 4000 employees in the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER).

The project marks the first government department to implement the ServiceNow Protected Platform, where acquisition and implementation will take place in less than six months, meeting Australia’s data security and sovereignty requirements.

The new platform is part of the department’s service management change, which started in IT before expanding to cover service delivery for various teams and corporate functions including procurement, finance, payroll requests, services legal, and communication support.

“The DISER team values ​​the user experience to drive the use of new services, as well as an implementation strategy that will deliver business value early and often,” said Deloitte Consulting lead ServiceNow partner, Sonia Eland.

“With this in mind, they took a best-in-class approach to the project, by engaging employees early in the change process, implementing out-of-the-box functionality and adapting processes to best fit the new system.


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