Ericsson Makes IoT Connectivity Easier Than Ever for Businesses with ‘IoT Accelerator Connect Launch’ –

Ericsson today launched IoT Accelerator Connect to bring this capability to businesses and development projects of all sizes.

With one click, Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect gives businesses plug-and-play access to cellular IoT connectivity.

Difficult, complex and time -consuming integration are often major challenges that affect the success of IoT projects.

IoT Accelerator Connect addresses these challenges by transforming digital sales, automating business processes within the IoT ecosystem and serving user needs.

For businesses: IoT Accelerator Connect delivers a unified layer of packaged services to reduce complexity.

For developers: in their hands they have instant access to connectivity that best suits their particular use case, scope and service level needs, as well as access to the automated bootstrap of both devices and destinations. data. Within minutes, developers can use tools to scale-from one device to millions of devices seamlessly.

Devices can be connected at any time, including end-to-end onboarding of the device, using a cellular IoT-ready module that instantly connects the subscription to the network selected by the customer. In addition, the solution simplifies connecting devices to public cloud endpoints.

IoT Accelerator Connect promotes digital transformation throughout the IoT ecosystem. Ericsson channel partners can onboard more business more easily and grow their business. Module vendors can offer automatic connection of newly powered devices called bootstrapping and the hyperscale cloud provider can provide instant connections.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect

Photo Credit: Ericsson

IoT Accelerator Connect includes the following integrated services:

1. IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect makes it easy for businesses to automatically bootstrap and securely connect cellular devices to public cloud IoT endpoints such as Amazon Web Services and Azure.

2. IoT Accelerator Device Connect helps businesses quickly leverage cellular IoT connectivity by simplifying the deployment of IoT devices with pre-integrated eSIMs in the module, which are automatically localized to a CSP partner’s network.

3. IoT Accelerator Connect Hub allows Ericsson partners to onboard self-service enterprises by connecting to external digital channels. Enterprise developers can access self-service onboarding from participating partners and source coding immediately.

4. IoT Accelerator Developer Portal supports enterprise developers to develop IoT applications with IoT Accelerator with the help of tutorials, tools and code samples, which correspond to the official documentation provided by Ericsson.

5. IoT Accelerator Embedded Connect allows any solution provider to easily embed cellular connectivity in their solutions.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect

Photo Credit: Ericsson

Kyle Okamoto, General Manager of IoT, Ericsson, said: “We are proud to make it easier than ever for businesses of any size to instantly engage, and benefit from, the world of IoT connectivity. By offering of plug-and-play simplicity, Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect marks a major step in transforming access to IoT connectivity.This solution covers the connectivity of devices, networks and clouds, while removing barriers for to businesses, communications service providers, hyperscale cloud providers, resellers and module vendors, to accelerate the growth of their IoT businesses. ”

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