Executives Sell Approximately $ 44M Of 5 Stocks

The British economy expanded 6.5% year-over-year in the fourth quarter, following a revised 7% growth in the previous period. Investors, meanwhile, are focused on some well -known insider trades.

When insiders sell shares, it indicates their concern for the company’s prospects or that they view the stock as overpriced. Either way, this indicates an opportunity to run out of stock. Internal sales should not be taken as the only indicator for making an investment or trading decision. At best, it can give credence to a sale decision.

Below is a look at some recent well -known insider sales. For more, see Benzinga’s internal transactions platform.

Bill.com Holdings

  • The purchase: Bill.com Holdings, Inc. BIL CFO John Rettig disposed of a total of 35,000 shares at an average price of $ 233.59. The insider received approximately $ 8.18 million as a result of the transaction.
  • What’s happening: Bill.Com reported better-than-expected sales results in Q2 and released Q3 and FY22 EPS and sales guidance above estimates.
  • What Bill.com Does: Bill.com Holdings Inc is a cloud-based software provider that automates complex back-office financial operations for SMBs.


  • The purchase: Alphabet Inc. GOOG Director Sergey Brin sold a total of 11,101 shares at an average price of $ 2,766.36. The insider received approximately $ 30.71 million from the sale of those parts.
  • What’s happening: France’s watchdog CNIL has accused Google Analytics of Alphabet of providing access to U.S. intelligence services to data of users of France’s website, Reuters reports.
  • What the Alphabet Does: Alphabet Inc. is a holding company, along with Google, the Internet media giant, as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Google generates 99% of Alphabet’s revenue, of which more than 85% comes from online ads.

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Service Today

  • The purchase: ServiceNow, Inc. NOW Director Frederic B Luddy sold a total of 6,600 shares at an average price of $ 582.16. The insider received $ 3.84 million as a result of the transaction.
  • What’s happening: ServiceNow, last month, reported better-than-expected Q4 EPS and sales results.
  • What the Service Does Now: ServiceNow Inc. provides software solutions to build and automate various business processes through the SaaS delivery model.

Applied Industrial Technologies

  • The purchase: Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. AIT Director Peter A Dorsman sold a total of 10,259 shares at an average price of $ 95.94. The insider received $ 984.22 thousand from the sale of those parts.
  • What’s happening: The company, last month, posted upbeat Q2 results.
  • What Applied Industrial Technologies Can Do: Applied Industrial Technologies Inc. is a distributor of industrial products in the maintenance, repair, and operation market and in the original equipment manufacturing industry.


  • The purchase: Accenture plc ACN Chief Financial Officer Kathleen R McClure sold a total of 1,646 shares at an average price of $ 352.79. The insider received approximately $ 580.69 thousand from the sale of those parts.
  • What’s happening: Accenture recently reported an investment in Los Angeles-based SwayBrand.
  • What Accenture Does: Accenture is a leading global IT-services firm providing consulting, strategy, and technology and operations services.

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