Fold Health Launches At $ 6 Million

SAN FRANCISCO – Fold Health, the first interoperable digital health tech stack for primary care, was launched with a funding round of $ 6 million from former Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, SkyFlow CEO Anshu Sharma, Saama Technologies CEO Vivek Sharma along with Anand Chandrasekharan from General Catalyst, Mohanjit Jolly from Iron Pillar, Gokul Rajaram from Firebolt Ventures, and more.

Primary care physicians (PCPs) spend an average of 36 minutes on administrative work per patient, approximately twice the amount of time as the average 18-minute visit. These workflow inefficiencies have led to the burnout that nearly 80% of PCPs say they experience, contributing to the PCP shortage nationwide. Fold Health provides smart automations to improve patient interaction and reduce repetitive administrative tasks to help primary care practices shift focus to better outcomes for patients. patient.

Developed with physicians, Fold Health has created a first-of-its-kind, all-encompassing operating system to help key care practices supplement current investments in people, resources, and technology.

“Existing fragmented systems were built decades ago to enable personal sick care, non-proactive continuous and preventative care. With all the technology being retrofitted today for the current environment, the amount of time primary care physicians spend entering the same information into different systems, has created a burden that makes it difficult to fulfill their Hippocratic oath for their patients, ”said Ram Sahasranam, Co-Founder of Fold Health.

“As a virtual-first primary care startup focused on the underserved, we recognize that one-size-fits-all healthcare models don’t work for everyone. The same can be said about the technology that powers most of this obsolete industry. Fold Health allows our team to bring a customer-centric experience to our patients and providers on day one ”said Erik Cardenas, CEO at Zócalo Health.

Fold Health’s modular operating system can be layered on top of existing EHRs, member management systems, billing platforms, and more, to allow for a seamless experience that can be minimized the admin time of 60%.

“As a direct primary care physician, I have first -hand experience with the problems Fold Health aims to solve, so I work with the founders to ensure that the pain points I have are in the backend of my practice, coming from in combining different point solutions, has been reduced to adding a platform, which integrates my existing systems into one easy to use interface, ”said Dr. Ben Aiken, family physician at Lantern Health and VP of Health and Decency.

“Our experience in developing Praxify has given us insight into the most important gaps affecting the healthcare industry. The lack of efficient and sustainable processes continues to serve as a major barrier, especially within primary care,” he said. by Abhijit Gupta Co-Founder and CEO of Fold Health. After in -depth discussions with PCPs and executives at digital health providers such as One Medical, Iora Health, and Amazon Care, we realized that there was a clear need for a modern, purpose built toolset to deliver experiences focused on consumers who are accustomed to Americans from other large industries such as banking or travel. ”

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