Fortanix reported Stellar Year with Record Sales and Customer Wins

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif .– (WIRE OF BUSINESS)-Fortanix® Inc., the data-first multicloud security ™ company, today announced another record year for sales, customer wins and workforce expansion. During the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2022, Fortanix sales grew 2.5X, the number of customers doubled, and workers also doubled compared to the previous fiscal year. In addition, Fortanix acquired a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, Inc., the nonprofit strategic investor that accelerates the development and delivery of innovative technologies to U.S. intelligence and defense agencies, during this period. .

“Thanks to our more than 100 customers around the world, Fortanix has been able to achieve a record year in many fields,” said Ambuj Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Fortanix. “I am extremely grateful for what we have achieved, and truly believe that with our pioneering technology, the strength of our partnerships, and our world-class team, we are well positioned for bigger things in next year.”

Expanded Leadership Team

Fortanix expanded its executive leadership team to drive future growth with the addition of Scott Hoard, Area Vice President of Americas Channels, and Patrick Conte, Vice President of Business Development, New Products. Prior to joining Fortanix, Hoard held senior positions at Corelight Inc., Kenna Security, A10, and Barracuda Networks, among other technology companies. Conte returned to Fortanix after a stint at Opsani, where he was Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to that he held senior positions at HyTrust, Azul Systems, Cisco, Cobalt Networks, Sun Microsystems and other technology companies.

Powerful New Solution

In July 2021, Fortanix introduced its Data Security Manager solution as a cloud -delivered service. DSM SaaS is the first and only multicloud data security solution certified to the stringent FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard, and provides the fastest and easiest path for businesses to achieve the highest level of data security for in public cloud, SaaS, hybrid cloud, and on -premises applications.

Also, in November 2021, Fortanix introduced Confidential AI, a new software and subscription service to the infrastructure that uses its industry -leading confidential computing to assist data teams in regulated, privacy -sensitive industries such as healthcare and financial services to develop and deploy more efficient data models, as well as to keep data models secure.

New Partnerships and Mergers

One of Fortanix’s strengths is the quality of its ecosystem, and integrations with other industry -leading platforms to reduce complexity and simplify data protection wherever it is.

In July 2021, Fortanix announced an integration with ServiceNow to give customers more security and control over their ServiceNow data. Fortanix DSM SaaS became the first independent integration with ServiceNow Database Encryption, with the ability to set it up and run in minutes.

Next, in September 2021, Fortanix announced a partnership with Snowflake to provide an easy to implement, and inexpensive external “Tokenization as a Service” that can also work in minutes without the need for hardware installation or indefinite license. .

In October 2021, Fortanix integrated its DSM Platform (SaaS/On-Prem) with Google Workspace Client-side encryption, allowing Google Workspace users to maintain sole authority and control over cryptographic keys for to encrypt data and documents in Google Workspace using enhanced key management.

Finally, in January 2022, Fortanix added support for AWS Nitro Enclaves, enabling enterprises to more easily maintain privacy, and securely process sensitive data and applications within AWS Nitro Enclaves using Fortanix Data Security Manager and Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager.

Ease of Consumption

Fortanix is ​​committed to ensuring ease of access and the smooth delivery of services essential for data protection, wherever it is located.

In that effort, Fortanix announced expanded security offerings available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling Microsoft Azure customers around the world to have access to Fortanix and take advantage of scalability, reliability, and Azure agility to drive application development.

Fortanix also launched the Fortanix Partners First Program, a channel partner initiative to grow their business by helping customers protect their data in the cloud.

Industry Recognitions

Fortanix’s market leadership and innovative, best -in -class solutions have received a lot of recognition since its inception. That trend continues with recent recognitions Fortanix has received including, the Cybersecurity Excellence GOLD Award for the company, the 2021 TMC Cybersecurity Excellence Award and the 2021 CyberSecured Award for its DSM SaaS product, and the BIG Innovation Award for Confidential AI its product.

About Fortanix

Fortanix® is the data-first multicloud security company. As the first and largest provider of confidential computing solutions in the industry, Fortanix separates data security from infrastructure. Fortanix solutions empower organizations with centralized controls to secure data spread across clouds, applications, SaaS, databases, and data centers. More than one hundred businesses around the world, especially in privacy -sensitive industries such as healthcare, fintech, financial services, government, and retail, trust Fortanix for cloud security and privacy. Investors in Fortanix include Intel Capital, Foundation Capital, Neotribe Ventures, and In-Q-Tel. Fortanix is ​​headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit

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