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Gideon Taylor Consulting, LLC at IntraSee, Inc. announced today Gideon Taylor has acquired IntraSee, an enterprise UX and conversational AI pioneer. Included in the acquisition Ida Artificial Intelligence, Inc. and its powerful AI-driven digital assistant for the enterprise, Ida. The IntraSee team of artificial intelligence and UX innovators can help Gideon Taylor bring unprecedented usability to enterprise application suites such as PeopleSoft at Oracle Cloud.

Gideon Taylor is always about expanding the reach and relevance of enterprise systems, replacing manual data collection and approval processes with smart, workflow-enabled eForm applications that guide users in easy interaction in the system, ”he said Paul TaylorPresident and CEO of Gideon Taylor. “Now with the AI ​​wizardry of the IntraSee team, we can really give the enterprise system a voice. Chatting with Ida as an employee or student is wonderful; you just keep finding more things that Ida knows how to do for you. This is what chatbots have always meant. Ida will build a new level of connection between organizations and the people they serve. “

“The future of enterprise software will be less about which applications you run and more about automation, AI, and interacting with your users wherever they are. Joining Gideon Taylor unique position to us to bring our clients into this future and help them gain new ROI, ”emphasized Andrew Bediz, CEO of IntraSee. “Mixing GT’s expertise in backend and RPA processes with IntraSee user -facing technology will result in new products and integrations that would not be possible without this partnership.”

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IDA is cloud-based, which uses Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform to bring machine-learning AI and Natural Language Processing technology to enterprise chat. Ida sees and responds in dozens of languages, has a library of hundreds of skills for HCM and Campus Solutions, and connectors to many enterprise systems, including Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft, Canvas , Kase, Taleo, Kronos and more. Ida’s capabilities continue to grow, with more skills (including Finance) and connectors (including popular HCM, LMS, and ITSM offers) on the way.

Andrew Bediz will continue to lead IntraSee as a division of Gideon Taylor. The IntraSee and Ida brands will be retained. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition of IntraSee follows last year’s acquisition of Newbury Consulting Group, Inc., which now operates as Newbury Enterprise Servicesa division of Gideon Taylor. The Newbury team provides Gideon Taylor offers a full-service PeopleSoft consultancy, from implementation and modernization projects to always current managed services, and a unique UiPathpractice -based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for PeopleSoft.

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