Glassdoor Announces the Top 25 UK Companies for Senior Leadership

  • VetPartners LTD is ranked the #1 UK company for senior leadership
  • 13 different industries represented in the list
  • New research has found that workers are twice as likely to talk about management when it’s hard
  • “Neglected, undirected and intimidating”: Anonymous employee reviews reveal signs of toxic senior leadership

LONDON, June 20, 2022 / PRNewswire/ – Strong senior leadership is one of those most important factor for employee satisfaction. But according to employees, which companies in the UK are getting management right? And what are the warning signs of a toxic leadership culture?

Today Glassdoorthe global leader in insights about jobs and companies, shows Top UK Companies for Senior Leadership. The 25 on the list are ranked on the input of UK -based employees who volunteer to give anonymous feedback about their company’s senior leadership, along with insights into their work, work environment and employers over the past year.

The pandemic has changed the workplace, forcing senior leaders to redefine how they run their companies and support their people. The list identifies employers who face this challenge.

“Covid-19 breaks traditional governance rules, and companies that embrace the changes it offers and are committed to the employee experience are recognized on Glassdoor’s list of Top Companies in the UK for Senior Leadership,” comments Lauren Thomas, Glassdoor EMEA Economist. “Inspirational senior leadership is a hallmark of a united company with a committed, motivated and satisfied workforce. The companies on our list share a transparent management approach and offer a strong culture and values.”

The top ten UK companies for Senior Leadership are:

  1. VetPartners Limited (4.7 rating out of 5)
  2. GTB (4.6)
  3. Service Today (4.6)
  4. Awin (4.5)
  5. Taboola (4.5)
  6. Robert Walters (4.5)
  7. MongoDB (4.5)
  8. Randstad Sourceright (4.5)
  9. fluffy cat(4.5)
  10. Octopus energy (4.5)

The complete list of 25 companies including employers in 13 different industries. Veterinary healthcare provider VetPartners Limited claimed the #1 spot. Headquartered in YorkVetPartners Limited employs several thousand people at around 550 sites across the UK.

Tech is the most represented industry on the list. Among the nine tech companies were placed Awin (#4), Auto Trader UK (#14) at Service Today ( #3), which is also ranked #1 at Glassdoor’s Best Workplace in 2022 earlier this year. Tech company Salesforce is the only employer recognized in Glassdoor’s top senior leadership rankings for the UK, France at Germany. Other sectors on the list include utilities (#10 Octopus energy), construction (Barratt Developments (#11), and hospitality (#19) Dishoom) – states that good senior leadership can be found in a variety of industries.

A total of approximately 2.2 million reviewed by employers on Glassdoor, the average rating for Senior Leadership is 3.4. The full list of 25 companies and sample anonymous employee reviews is available at Notes to Editors.


The Glassdoor Economics Research team found that the quality of senior leadership is one of the most critical drivers of employee satisfaction in the UK and ranks higher in salary, work-life balance and career opportunities.

Furthermore, research found that employees were twice as likely to talk about leadership failures, rather than sing their praises. Negative use of the word ‘management’ appears in 13 per cent of all employee reviews compared to positive uses, which is at only 6.3 per cent of reviews.

The impact of toxic leadership is also felt by workers. Forty -four percent of employee reviews with low ratings for senior leadership mentioned ‘management’. In contrast, those who rate their company highly for senior leadership cite the top team in only 15 percent of reviews.


Examining anonymous reviews of nearly 370,000 employees, the Glassdoor Economics Research team found that Workers describe strong senior leadership in 5 ways:

  • Supportive
  • Friendly
  • Close
  • Flexible
  • Reliable.

In poor leadership evaluations, employees demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Bullying
  • Micro-management
  • Profanity
  • Neglect
  • Not appreciative
  • No direction
  • Disconnect

Notes to Editors

Top 25 UK Companies for Senior Leadership


The list of Top 25 UK Companies for Senior Leadership is compiled from more than 213,000 senior leadership ratings on Glassdoor from UK-based full and part-time employees between April 20, 2021 at April 19, 2022. The rankings only include companies with at least 1,000 global employees and 30 senior leadership ratings at the time under consideration.

To identify the words employees use to describe senior leadership, Glassdoor reviewed review text from more than 367,000 UK -based employee reviews left in between April 20, 2021 at April 19, 2022. Click for the full procedure.

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