Gluware to Accelerate Automation in API-based Networks

Gluwarethe leader in intelligent network automation, has introduced Gluware 5, which includes new Gluware Topology, API modeling, and Gluware Service Connector features along with enhanced Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to accelerate digital transformation and network hyperautomation in enterprises.

Powered by Gluware’s embedded intelligence, Gluware 5 enables users to get big and fast value by phasing out resource-intensive manual network management. Gluware empowers its users to create a path to fully automated networks that provide the foundation for business innovation and competitive advantage.

As businesses continue to face unprecedented IT challenges, they need intelligent, pre-built solutions that can automate complex networks at scale, safeguard mission-critical operations, and ensure business continuity and stability. Gluware 5 brings the latest upgrades to the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation Suite, including:

Gluware Topology – New business priorities, moves-adds-changes, optimizations, and outage fixes all contribute to complex and ever-changing network infrastructures. Manual methods of network troubleshooting and documentation are error-prone and quickly become outdated, leading to extended outages, costly audit remediations, and regulatory action. Gluware Topology describes enterprise networks from a global perspective down to specific device connections to unlock new levels of detail, accelerate troubleshooting, and facilitate compliance document export.

Gluware Topology provides network diagramming and documentation that evolves with the network. Diagrams are automatically rendered and updated using data from Gluware’s powerful device and network discovery capabilities. Device details expand to include site and location, enabling hierarchical mapping from a general, site, or device-specific view. Gluware Topology reduces troubleshooting time and operational costs that result from updating network diagrams manually.

API modeling – As network infrastructures migrate from traditional Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) to API-based controllers, network engineers realize the shortcomings of the embedded automation capabilities in most controllers that API-based. Hybrid networks and the programmatic nature of this technology put additional strain on managing and automating networks. Gluware 5 overcomes these challenges by enabling intelligent southbound communication between the Gluware Intent-Based Networking Application Suite and API endpoints, eliminating the need to manually program device discovery, auditing, configuration changes, and network-wide automation.

Gluware 5 offers packaged no-code API support, enabling a guided experience that can be used for CLI modeling, intent-based networking, and declarative provisioning to translate across API platforms. Today’s launch includes pre-built support for Cisco Meraki, and future packaged releases will expand to other API-based controllers to unlock hyperautomation in even the most complex multi-vendor , multi-domain network. Cisco Meraki support includes API-based device interrogation tools such as data modeling, API automatic discovery (REST), third-party and custom API support, and direct model editor support. Gluware delivers the network automation expected of API-based controllers, saving significant time and effort for network engineers looking to manage networks through API Modeling.

Gluware Service Connectors – Gluware Service Connectors are pre-built API integration packages that enable northbound communication between Gluware Intelligent Orchestration and Automation Engine and API integrations in the management plane. Gluware Service Connectors eliminate the need for complex network coding and include robust IT support and maintenance from Gluware. It empowers users to leverage Gluware Network RPA for code-free, drag-and-drop process automation of tasks across APIs, including ServiceNow. For ServiceNow, Gluware users can automate REST-based capabilities such as problem, asset, incident, and change request management. Pre-built, event-driven tasks and workflows built into Gluware Network RPA eliminate the need for hundreds of manual API calls across the network to streamline operations in network management, save time, and drive network innovation at an enterprise scale.

Additional Gluware Service Connectors will be made available via packaged releases in the future. EfficientIP REST-based capabilities, which will be released in Q4 2022, include DNS service management, DHCP service management, and IP address management.

Gluware Network RPA – Gluware Network RPA, first introduced in April 2022, is an integrated application that enables users to create, manage, and monitor code-free workflows across a wide range of native and third-party that integration. By offering DevOps-style development for workflow-level progression (draft, test, production), Gluware Network RPA enables businesses to get on the NetDevOps fast track.

Its enhanced capabilities take no-code, drag-and-drop process automation to the next level, facilitating team collaboration through a new and improved commenting and sharing workflow. features. The update includes new capabilities for orchestrating Gluware’s pre-built app suite without having to build workflows from scratch and improved variable management to make automating complex cases easier of use than before. Overall, Gluware 5 amplifies the power and scale that Gluware Network RPA brings to enterprise network automation initiatives.

Jeff Gray, CEO and Co-founder, Gluware
Gluware 5 provides the capabilities our customers need to further manage and automate their enterprise networks – regardless of their structure or complexity – without spending their valuable time and resources on tedious coding or additional overhead. These no-code enhancements build on the unparalleled capabilities that Gluware brings to its users, enabling them to overcome the complexity of modern networks through hyperautomation and focus their efforts in advancing operational efficiencies, business services, and digital transformation.

Nick Lippis, Co-founder and Co-chairman, ONUG
Gluware continues to transform enterprise networking and unlock competitive advantages for businesses. Gluware’s pre-built, no-code, intelligent network automation solutions are proven and provide a valuable alternative to home-grown automation platforms, which take longer, cost more, deliver less functionality, and increase vulnerabilities in through software management dependencies and technical debt. Gluware 5 delivers functionality that will take years of development by corporate IT teams.

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