InQuisient Announces Patent Suit Against Service Today

RESTON, Va., July 6, 2022 / PRNewswire/-InQusient, a recognized leader in data management and strategic business planning solutions, announced today that it has filed a patent infringement suit against ServiceNow, Inc. for its unauthorized use of InQusient’s patented workflow technology.

In the Complaint, filed with The united state District Court for the District of Delaware, InQusient alleges infringement of some of its major patent portfolios, built in 2005. These patents include U.S. Patent No. 7,979,468, 8,219,585, and 8,224,855, all of which are associated with new methods of planning, managing, and analyzing data sets using special data structures in a data dictionary system for a database. The inventions help InQuisient customers create and improve their workflows and internal processes, manage extensive database footprints, speed up and scale processing, and get better data into the hands of makers of the decision.

“InQuisient treats its intellectual property as a key asset; it has acquired patents to help protect the company against unauthorized use of its IP,” it said. Scott Dixon Smith, Chief Executive, InQuisient. “While we are excited about the competition in the marketplace and the ability to fairly recognize our technology, on its merits, we cannot allow the breach to go unchecked.”

“We are extremely proud of our innovative solutions and are happy to have them available on some of the largest systems in the world,” stated Randy DeWoolfsonFounder and Chief Innovation Officer, InQuisient.

The case is Case No. 22-CV-00900 in The united state District Court for the District of Delaware.

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InQuisient is a comprehensive enterprise strategic planning and data management solution that integrates hybrid data integration and metadata management, enterprise architecture and technology asset management, portfolio and project management, risk modeling and process optimization into one easy to use platform. For more information, please call 888-230-2181 or visit

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