Intuit has appointed Moti Eliav as its new Israel Site Leader

Global technology platform Intuit has announced that it has appointed Moti Eliav as the new Site Leader and General Manager of Intuit Israel. From August 1, 2022, Eliav will replace Gene Golovinsky, the company’s VP Security R&D and recent Site Leader who has held the position since 2019.

Eliav possesses more than 30 years of experience managing global software engineering teams. He joined Intuit in 2020 as Head of IDX (Intuit Data Exchange) Israel, and he will add Site Leader responsibilities to his role.

Prior to joining Intuit, Eliav held various executive roles at SaaS and Cloud companies. In 2016, he joined eBay as its Head of Structured Data Engineering in Israel and was appointed eBay Israel’s General Manager two years later. Prior to that, he served as Managing Director of Limelight Networks labs in Israel and earlier, he held the title VP Platform Development at ServiceNow.

It is understood that when Eliav takes over the role at Intuit, he will inherit the responsibility to maximize the site’s impact and continue to seek out the top technology talent to be found at Startup Nation.

The Intuit Israel site is dedicated to developing advanced capabilities and technologies that help protect Intuit customers and assist with strategic data use and in -depth insights. Today, Intuit serves more than 100 million customers worldwide with products and services, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchip, which the company acquired last year from approximately $ 12 billion . Intuit has officially declared the Israel site as the company’s second development center outside the U.S., which now employs more than 350 people.


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