Jayashree Ullal: Takes revenue from $ 0 to $ 3 billion

Jayshree Ullal has had an amazing career. She is among Newsweek’s 20 powerful `Women to watch in 2001’. That was in the middle of his 15-year tenure at Cisco. In 2008, he took over as president and CEO of a budding networking startup called Arista Networks. In the 14 years since then, Arista has grown into a $ 3 billion revenue company, with a market cap of $ 35 billion. In 2021, sales jumped 27%. Jayshree, a Tamilian who grew up in Delhi and then moved to the US, led the company to a great IPO in 2014, one that also created millionaires among its employees in India, where Arista has major R&D. center.
Jayshree said the company strongly believes in its culture and values, which it calls “Arista’s Way.” It is centered, he says, on always doing the right thing for customers, employees and shareholders. “I am proud that Arista has upheld these principles in the face of uncertainty and global changes around the world,” he said.
Arista’s cloud networking products and services are mission critical to key global infrastructures. Jayshree said the advent of real-time gaming, virtual reality and all so-called metaverse applications is changing the way networks and workloads interact. This new data-driven cloud network, he said, needs to adapt for 10-100 times the traffic growth, enabling trillions of transactions and gigabits of throughput. “AI is becoming more relevant to networking as distributed applications drive the envelope of network scale and performance. We’ve teamed up with Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Equinix, Palo Alto, ServiceNow, Slack, Splunk, ZScaler and Zoom to build a collaborative ecosystem, ”he said.
Gender diversity is a journey
Gender diversity, Jayshree says, is a journey, not a definite milestone. More than 30% of Arista’s board of directors and senior leadership are women. “While we still have a long way to go in increasing the number of women in the technical and engineering fields of high tech companies, we are making slow and steady progress. In this journey, we identify and cultivate women and men leaders based on their potential, merit and results. We also make informal alliances with female leaders in Fortune 500 companies, ”Jayshree said.
– Shilpa Phadnis, Kruthikaa LakshmanAkhil George |


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