JFrog Joins ServiceNow to Improve Software Security Vulnerability Response Times with ServiceOps

New JFrog Xray Integrations with ServiceNow Lightstep Incident Response and Spoke Help IT and SRE Teams Proactively Secure the Software Supply Chain with Real-Time, Cross-Department Visibility and Team Activation for Security Incidents

(swampUP 2022) – JFrog Ltd. (“JFrog”) (NASDAQ: FROG), the Liquid Software company and creators of the JFrog DevOps Platform, today released new integrations for JFrog Xray with ServiceNow’s Lightstep Incident Response and Spoke products for IT Service Management . Available immediately, JFrog Xray’s integrations with ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) provide IT leaders with real-time insight into security vulnerabilities and compliance issues to quickly attract the necessary team members from entire organization for more immediate response and remediation.

“Successfully securing a software supply chain at business speed is a team sport, requiring efficient, cross-team collaboration for timely remediation of security incidents,” said Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder and CEO, JFrog. “Our integration with ServiceNow aims to change the relationship between developers and the rest of the business, so that they maintain the speed and frequency of releases, while avoiding downtime and loss of trust from end customers.”

The new integration allows IT teams to proactively address security issues before they become a major concern. The combination of JFrog Xray and ServiceNow delivers a powerful software composition analysis (SCA) tool that can quickly scan binaries for vulnerabilities and license compliance issues, then share those insights to appropriate parties throughout the organization. The JFrog Xray-ServiceNow solution is unique because it helps DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers (SREs), IT system administrators, and others, more securely build, deploy, run, and monitor applications more securely. effortlessly, in one view. It also enables real-time security alerts and insights with assigned actions to all tools, people, and processes needed for timely resolution.

JFrog Xray & ServiceNow: Delivering Incident Response and Enterprise -wide Workflow Design for Security Incidents

Identifying and effectively responding to malicious attacks must go beyond business units and operational functions. By improving real-time insight, collaboration, and communication between enterprise security and IT teams, JFrog Xray-ServiceNow integrations ensure rapid response to emerging security threats.

The integration of JFrog Xray with Lightstep Incident Response enables developers, SREs, and Security Administrators to:

  • Monitor, collect and respond to license compliance and security vulnerabilities affecting the software supply chain at all stages of the software development and release lifecycle.
  • Streamline vulnerability response by hiring the right team members throughout the organization for faster remediation.

JFrog Xray Spoke for ServiceNow allows IT operations staff to:

  • Generate violation reports, create ‘ignore rules’, re-scan builds, add custom item properties, and more.
  • Automate workflows that meet audit requests and avoid penalties for improper use of code segments obtained from the open-source community.
  • Identify problems earlier in the application development pipeline and incorporate change management solutions.

About JFrog

JFrog Ltd. (NASDAQ: FROG), is on a mission to enable all software updates in the world, driven by the “Liquid Software” vision to allow seamless, secure flow of binaries from developers to at the end. The JFrog Platform enables software creators to power their entire software supply chain throughout the binary lifecycle, so that they can build, secure, distribute, and connect any source in any production environment. JFrog’s hybrid, universal, multi-cloud DevOps platform is available as both self-managed and SaaS services to major cloud service providers. Millions of users and thousands of customers around the world, including most of the Fortune 100, rely on JFrog solutions to securely manage their mission-critical software supply chain. When you jump forward, you never come back. Learn more at jfrog.com and follow us on Twitter: @jfrog.

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