Knowledge 2022: How Can Businesses Today Prepare for the Future of Work?

Great Interaction with Digital Space Teams

Digital workflows make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate. To prepare for the future of work, organizations must ensure that they have procedures in place by which employees and customers can reach the required parties within the company.

In their session “The Future of Work Is Already Here: Rethinking the Employee Experience,” Jacqui Canney of ServiceNow, the company’s chief human resource officer, and Dave Wright, its chief innovation officer, talked about ways of building trust of these workflows between employees and their managers. . Visual deadlines and status reports allow managers to see that employees are on track without uncomfortable supervision.

This is not the only area where enhanced communication is needed in today’s hybrid work environment. Participants in a roundtable discussion shared the ways in which collaboration between IT and marketing teams is needed. When these groups are on the same page about customer needs, they can create better solutions to meet these needs, attendees said.

Deepak Kolingivadi, senior director of project management at ServiceNow, shared how IT and security teams can work together to optimize cybersecurity measures. In a session titled “Security Operations: What’s New and Product Roadmap,” he said that successful defense against cyberattacks transcends organizational boundaries.

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Customize Workflows to Meet Employee and Customer Needs

The presenters also spoke about the power of hyperautomation and low-code digital workflows. These tools make it easy for organizations to build great user experiences.

Every industry wants the ability to meet the needs of its customers quickly and efficiently, Wright shared after his keynote address on Wednesday. Low-code products allow IT admins to manipulate programs to meet the specific requirements of their organizations.

John Manna of CDW, senior manager of solutions at ServiceNow, and Greg Wheeler, practice manager of SPM solutions, demonstrated ways they better meet customers ’needs using a customized platform . The company used the data to more quickly understand how to best provide services for its customers and where its employees might be most affected.

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Ultimately, the goal of digital innovation should always be an effective user experience. As Wright said Wednesday, no one talks about the car when praising Tesla; they talk about features. They opted in for the experience.

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