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How ServiceNow Asset Management Software Can Drive Growth

The Global Atlantic has evolved in many stages over nearly two decades. Originally formed in 2004 as a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, the company split as a private entity in 2013, then went public after it was acquired by global investment firm KKR in early 2021.

In recent years, ServiceNow has helped drive some of the most important elements of Global Atlantic growth. The company’s original implementation of ServiceNow began in 2016; Sutton’s team at Aeritae Consulting rode in to help in 2017 (Aeritae was acquired by CDW in 2021). Over that time, there have been several changes to ServiceNow’s implementation, including compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, that the company addressed before going public.

“It just makes sure that not only are they implementing appropriately, but they have the time to launch it and get adoption and actually run their business here,” Sutton said. “Every step of the way, that’s kind of what we do.”

These additional complexities helped set the stage for Global Atlantic’s ServiceNow journey. An important part of the process, according to Sutton, is the decision to implement software asset management. But after working with the CIO of Global Atlantic, the CDW team decided to set up application portfolio management first, followed by the implementation of SAM.

“Without the trusted collaboration and collaboration, they just implemented SAM and probably didn’t see the value they expected to get from it,” he said.

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How a Strategic Partnership Can Help Implementation

Other factors complicated implementation, but the two teams worked through them. For example, the company is built around a virtual discontinuous desktop infrastructure environment.

“That created a lot of challenges when we were looking at SAM,” Sutton said. “We were able to do them and design the solution in a way that would actually support, not hinder, the business.”

The partnership is ongoing, with initiatives such as moving from a service portal to an employee center and upgrading to a SAM workspace to accommodate future versions of ServiceNow. Ultimately, Sutton said, Global Atlantic has been able to maximize its implementation of ServiceNow through deep relationships with a trusted partner.

“It allowed us to get deep into their business and understand where they’re going, where they want to go and how to get there, consistent with their business-not just in the way they usually do,” he said.

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