Median Pay CEO Jumps to Record $ 14.7 Million As Workers Strike for Better Wages

As workers across the U.S. try to unionize and quit work due to harsh conditions and starvation wages, a survey released on Sunday found that the median pay package of top U.S. CEOs jumped to $ 14.7 million in 2021-the sixth consecutive record-breaking year for executives. compensation.

According to Wall Street Journal‘s evaluation of data from more than 400 U.S. corporations, total CEO compensation “rose by at least 12% for most executives, and most companies recorded annual shareholder returns of nearly 30%.” Nine CEOs made $ 50 million or more in total payments in 2021, up from just one in 2016 and seven in 2020.

“Most fees consist of equity awards that will eventually prove to be worth more or less than first reported,” the Diary mentioned. “By 2020, the median pay package will be $ 13.4 million for both companies, with a median cash compensation of $ 3.1 million.”

Ang DiaryThe analysis showed that Expedia CEO Peter Kern brought the highest total compensation – $ 294.57 million – to top CEOs last year. Other CEOs on the list include Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav ($ 216.06 million), ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott ($ 162.23 million), Apple CEO Tim Cook ($ 82.35 million), and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon ($ 77.62 million).

Rising CEO wages are in stark contrast to the harsh economic realities that ordinary workers across the country face as inflation – in large part corporate earnings – reduces average wage earnings and expiring pandemic assistance leaving vulnerable families without a safety net.

“While most Americans struggle to put gas in the tank and pay grocery bills, rising prices, excessive revenue-taking CEOs have used their captive boards to give themselves record pay. , “Jennifer Taub, a professor at Western New England University School of Law and an expert on corporate governance, tweeted in response to Diaryfindings.

As CEOs take out large compensation packages, workers at well -known U.S. companies with wealthy chief executives – including Amazon, Starbucks, and Apple-is trying to unionize in the face of relentless opposition from management.

In recent months, employees at more than 60 Starbucks locations in the U.S. have voted to form a union, which has won an impressive 90% of the elections held to date.

Additionally, as labor journalist Michael Sainato reported for The keeper on Monday, “workers in America’s fast-food and retail sectors who worked on the frontlines through the risks of the Covid-19 pandemic continue the trend of strikes and protests due to low wages, safety concerns , and sexual harassment issues at work. ”

“My weekly salary is no more than $ 200, $ 260 at the maximum,” said Ashley Sierra, a Dollar General employee who earns $ 11 per hour, The keeper. “I have three kids. I can’t save $ 260 a week, it doesn’t work. It has to go up to at least $ 15 per hour, the minimum is $ 15, because we’re working so hard.”

Made by Todd Vasos, CEO of Dollar General $ 16.45 million in total compensation last year.

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