Mendix Appoints New CFO, Completing Leadership Team Transformation

Ellison assumes the role of CFO from Tim Srockwho recently moved on to become CEO of Mendix

With a proven track record in achieving financial and performance goals for high-growth companies, Ellison joined Mendix’s C-suite team to help drive the company’s next phase of global hypergrowth.

With Gartner projecting 70% of all software development to take place on low-code or no-code platforms, Mendix is ​​positioned to continue its hyper-growth trajectory, which it has seen post 300 % growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR) since it was acquired by Siemens

Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern business application development, today announced the appointment of the company’s new CFO, Tom Ellison. Ellison, a former midwesterner who now works from the company Rotterdam headquarters, performing the former role of Tim Srock, who recently took the reins as the new CEO of Mendix. Ellison will play a leading role in helping Mendix achieve its ambition for hypergrowth as the company expands operations across Europe, North Americaat Asia-Pacific.

Mendix has been cited as a visionary leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Enterprise Application Platforms, and Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development. The company is meeting a groundswell of interest in low-code technology from businesses around the world that aim to accelerate the time-to-impact of digital solutions and transform software development from a cost center to a foundation. enterprise innovation. Ellison joined Mendix’s senior leadership team in its efforts to center Mendix at the center of the enterprise software stack.

Earn from lots of competition experience

A native of Vincennes, Indianawith an MBA from Indiana University in BloomingtonEllison is based in Europe for the past fifteen years leading financial teams for American and European technology companies. “Coincidentally, my own career journey has led me to work for organizations that compete with Siemens in three different areas,” he said. “As a member of Mendix’s senior management team, I may be unique in that regard.”

Ellison joined Mendix directly from ServiceNow, where he spent four years Amsterdam as senior director of finance. Previously, Ellison has worked at other high -growth technology companies including Dassault Systemes, Hutchinson 3G, and Nortel.

Ellison’s experience will be invaluable as the next phase of Mendix’s journey unfolds. Its approach to ‘ecosystems solutions’ includes partnering with integrated software vendors (ISVs) and target industry verticals to leverage the Mendix Solutions Platform and Mendix Marketplace to expand new business lines and adaptive solutions.

According to Gartner analysts, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technology by 2025. These findings, along with his SaaS experience, have sparked interest. by Ellison on low-code software development. “I see the complexity and challenges in changing the digital business. It was a big eye-opener for me,” Ellison said. “Mendix is ​​positioned right in the sweet spot where the future of software development is. enterprise is playing. Low-code is an equalizer. As someone who believes in unlocking potential for employees and customers for success, I am excited to join Mendix at a very important point in the company’s journey.

Ellison added, “In the past, digital transformation was within the domain of IT departments and every technological development created a massive backlog of digitalization projects. But with proper management, low code empowers everyone. of employees to help drive business-critical software projects in conjunction with larger IT-driven innovation projects.Additional business capacity and expertise opens up new sources of revenue and customer engagement in an accelerated speed.Market pressures are motivating businesses to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.Mendix delivers collaboration, agility, speed, integration with emerging technologies, and laser focus on employee requirements and Customers need businesses to succeed.

According to Mendix CEO Tim Srock, “We are pleased to add Tom to our leadership team and believe he will be an integral part of the next phase of the trip to Mendix. We outlined our strategy for the future, which includes building a comprehensive ecosystem that places Mendix at the center of enterprise application development. Tom’s experience with organizations going through this stage of growth will be an asset for our entire team.

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