Microsoft simplifies time management with new Outlook booking features

As usually happens near the end of each month, Microsoft changed all the new features added to Microsoft 365 last month. This time, the focus is on Outlook and, though June also hosted the launch of Viva Sales, a new experience for salespeople to help drive customer relationships and sales. A more interesting feature this month is the new “Bookings with me” experience in Outlook.

This new feature focuses on managing your time, and makes it easier for people to schedule appointments with you. Now, you can use Outlook to create a bookings page, which automatically lets people know what time you’re free and what meetings you have. You can create different types of meetings that attendees can choose to request, and your public schedule will be visible to anyone you share your bookings with. Bookings with me are available on subscriptions to Office 365/Microsoft 364 A3, A5, E1, E3, E5, F1, and F3, as well as to Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium.

Screenshot of the Bookings page in Outlook

Microsoft has also launched a new distribution and notification experience for Forms, so you can more easily share quizzes and questionnaires with others, either by sharing a link, generating a QR code, or sending an email invitation. . Microsoft Search has also received enhancements, with new Graph connectors that can link data from knowledge articles to ServiceNow, Confluence wikis, and Windows file shares.

If you use the portal, you will also notice some major visual changes. The sign-in page has been revamped with a new modern look, and once you’re signed in, there’s also a new Create page that makes templates for different types of content easily accessible. in one place. Microsoft has also enhanced the Word Designer feature on the web with more contextual suggestions tailored to the content of your document.

Screenshot of the new Create page on

Finally, for IT admins, Microsoft has launched updates to Microsoft Endpoint Manager, allowing them to create organization-wide rules for notifications after hours. The new Windows Autopatch feature is also available for Windows enterprise E3 and E5 customers, helping to ensure that the organization’s PCs are always up to date.

All of this is in addition to new Microsoft Teams features also launched this month, which include adding live captions to the web version of Teams.

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