NAVEX launches NAVEX Integration Cloud for Seamless Data Integration

PORTLAND, Ore .– (WIRE OF BUSINESS)-NAVEX, the leader in integrated risk management and compliance software, now introduces the NAVEX Integration Cloud. This new product offering gives risk, information security, third party risk managers and IT professionals the power to easily and efficiently integrate a wide variety of business data and automate risk management workflows. Combined with the power of the NAVEX One risk and compliance management platform, the NAVEX Integration Cloud delivers on the company’s commitment to provide the world’s smartest integrated platform, enabling organizations to effectively predict and mitigate risk thanks to a holistic viewing risk signal data and streamlined. , automated risk management processes.

Organizations store data in a growing number of systems across departments, making holistic risk management challenging. Traditionally, teams have been obligated to manually retrieve risk data from one system and transfer it to another. Often this involves manual, error-prone processes such as emailing data to a colleague to re-enter it. This dramatically slows down the risk management process and consumes bandwidth that can be spent on more strategic tasks.

“The spectrum of risk that organizations face today requires solutions that provide access to data across the risk landscape,” said Haywood Marsh, General Manager, Risk Services, NAVEX. “NAVEX Integration Cloud solves for this with an intelligent, integrated platform that streamlines the integration of required data. This means organizations can spend less effort on risk mitigation and more time on initiatives. driving their business. ”

“Easy to implement and use, we are eager to begin linking and unlocking the value of our business risk data in new and more effective ways,” said Melissa Soiefer, Director, Data, Management, Risk and Compliance Shearman & Sterling. “We were able to quickly integrate key data sources into the new NAVEX Integration Cloud. We see the potential for significant downstream operational savings with this automation. ”

About NAVEX Integration Cloud

NAVEX Integration Cloud simplifies the integration of many types of data sources through a single hub with pre-established, configurable connectors to the NAVEX IRM. With 1,000 pre-built, fully operational integrations, such as with Workday, ServiceNow and Oracle, users can quickly and easily collect the accurate data needed to assess and manage specific identified risks — replacing costly, manual mano, and easy mistake process. In addition, the NAVEX Integration Cloud provides workflow and administrative process benefits by automating internal processes essential to overall risk management such as creating records on a scheduled basis, running dynamic analysis performance, and exporting and/or emailing prescribed reports.

With NAVEX Integration Cloud, security, risk and operational teams can:

  • Quickly, easily and securely integrate a wide variety of information security data, IT and other operations into NAVEX IRM for efficient, holistic risk management, including from Workday, JIRA, Coupa, Oracle, ServiceNow and PowerBI.

  • Automate workflows — such as populating IT ticketing systems with risk data — to streamline risk management, alerting and reporting processes.

  • Easily measure data aggregations to realize operational cost savings.

  • Realizes process improvement opportunities by establishing a foundation layer for the maturity of risk management.


NAVEX is the recognized leader in risk management and compliance software and services, empowering thousands of customers around the world to manage and mitigate risks with confidence. NAVEX’s mission is to help customers promote ethical, inclusive workplace cultures, protect their brands and preserve the environment through sustainable business practices. For more information, visit and our Blog. Follow us on Twitter at LinkedIn.

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