New Apprenticeship to Partner with Clark University’s Tech Quest Apprenticeship Initiative to Train Tech and Digital Marketing Professionals

San Antonio, Texas, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-New Apprenticeship (NEW) will partner with Tech Quest Apprenticeship, a national initiative led by Clark University’s School of Professional Studies, to provide tech and digital marketing pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships to the unemployed, underemployed, and current workers until 2023.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and technology careers are expected to see 13% growth between 2020 and 2030, adding approximately 667,000 jobs to the economy. At the same time, minority groups in the tech industry continue to experience widespread underrepresentation. Technology bootcamp programs focused on underrepresented groups often cost thousands of dollars and remain out of reach of low or no-income individuals.

Eighty -one percent of NEW apprentices are under -represented groups in the technology industry. Together, Tech Quest and NEW will be able to offer unique training programs free of charge, expanding their mission to open and grow opportunities to and for diverse applicants across the country.

Statement from Brad Voeller, CEO, New Apprenticeship:

“NEW provides enterprise employers with an integrated entry-level tech talent solution, enabling them to build their own talent pipeline instead of buying experienced talent. We are excited to partner with Clark University and their Tech Quest Apprenticeship program to further accelerate apprenticeship adoption and provide talent for our employers ’individual workforce needs, while opening doors to talented, diverse talent. .

Statement from Dug Jones, Program Director, Tech Quest Apprenticeship:

“Apprenticeships are the perfect vehicle and New Apprenticeship is the perfect partner to maximize this opportunity to help develop young people for careers in tech and digital marketing.”


Tech Quest Apprenticeship and NEW partners to maximize the impact of their grant funding from the Office of Apprenticeship within the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

NEW and Tech Quest provide apprenticeship programs in the following fields: IT ServiceNow, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and cloud computing. Tech Quest grant funding is focused on eight states: California, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Texas. NEW offers existing and future relationships with employers and training providers in Texas, Indiana, and beyond to support Tech Quest’s efforts as well as create sustainable employment opportunities for workers living in these communities.

The Tech Quest Apprenticeship, funded by a $ 12 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment, and Training Administration, provides business technology training nationwide for unemployed and underemployed individuals, and in those seeking to master relevant technology skills in an evolving workplace. Clark University has partnered with the Public Consulting Group (PCG) and a national consortium of workforce development boards to provide 4,000 pre-apprenticeships and 1,000 information technology (IT) and IT-related apprenticeships to thousands of individuals in eight states. until 2023.

Founded in 1887, Clark University is a liberal arts-based research university that prepares its students to face tomorrow’s most daunting challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities. With 33 undergraduate majors, more than 30 advanced degree programs, and nationally recognized community partnerships, Clark combines rigorous scholarship with real-world and workplace experiences that empower our community of learning to pursue lives and careers with meaning and consequences. Clark’s academic departments and institutes have developed solutions to complex global problems across all disciplines, and the University addresses the behavioral health of youth and young people through the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise.

Founded in 2016 in San Antonio, TX, New Apprenticeship partners with employers nationally to transform lives by bridging the gap between what schools teach and only experience can bring. Offering programs not only in IT, digital marketing, cloud computing, and data analytics, NEW offers a unique approach to both learning and acquisition. The organization continues to provide talent for employers in need of a skilled, adaptable, and future-ready workforce. NEW’s experience-based learning and performance coaching system gives talent the skills they need to accelerate their careers and provides employers with highly qualified and productive talent, creating future leaders in technology. For more information visit Employers can learn more about NEW’s talent solution here.

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