NTT is partnering with ServiceNow to accelerate private 5G adoption

NTT is partnering with ServiceNow to accelerate the private 5G adoption image

The platform will build on NTT’s private 5G (P5G) offer.

NTT Ltd. announces a partnership with ServiceNow to simplify and accelerate the use of private 5G through its AI-enabled workflow automation platform

With the new end-to-end platform, businesses can use solutions from NTT and ServiceNow to streamline the deployment and integration of private 5G.

Based on NTT’s P5G offer, ServiceNow workflows will help businesses digitize the work-based basis of private 5G operations.

To extract value from private 5G, organizations need to digitize new and existing business processes, to help bridge the gap between their workflows and their private 5G network.

CIOs and chief digital officers, meanwhile, will be able to solve business issues using simple cloud-based economics, faster time to market, and enhanced service management experience, by using the platform .

5G technology has the ability to speed up connectivity with minimal latency, with many sectors looking to participate in network adoption.

For the 5G ecosystem to fly, we need accessibility and industry collaboration

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“Digitizing workflows is a prerequisite to any journey to digital innovation,” said Shahid Ahmed, executive vice-president of the new ventures and innovation group at NTT Ltd.

“By combining the simplicity, control, and security of NTT’s P5G Platform with the strength of ServiceNow’s industry-leading workflow, we can accelerate the creation of private 5G value for our clients and the industry in general. “

Lara Caimi, chief customer and partner officer at ServiceNow, commented: “Through our AI-powered workflow orchestration capabilities, ServiceNow is driving the control-tower for digital transformation by integrating people, processes and systems to deliver powerful business results.

“Together with NTT, ServiceNow will bring new use cases powered by secure private 5G connectivity to a turn-key,‘ as-a-service ’consumption model. This will accelerate key business initiatives across various industry verticals. “

Camille Mendler, chief analyst, service provider enterprise at research body Omdia, added: “NTT and ServiceNow are establishing the gold standard in 5G service delivery. To truly benefit businesses, private 5G cannot function as a loop separate from other digital workflows.

“Using proven and familiar management tools, businesses can accelerate and eliminate risk their digital innovation while gaining deeper insights about their business.”

Gartner expects 5G network infrastructure revenue to grow 39% to a total of $ 19.1 billion by 2021, with communications service providers (CSPs) accelerating growth.

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