Octopus Deploy launches better support for a cloud-native workflow

BRISBANE, Australia, June 14, 2022 / PRNewswire/-Octopus Deploy, a leading provider of continuous deployment orchestration software, has announced expanded support for teams that container their applications and services. Launching this feature gives DevOps teams the ability to modernize CI/CD skills at their own pace, and manage new and older applications in a single tool.

Octopus 2022.2 expands support for cloud-native applications running on container hosting platforms such as Amazon EKS and ECS, Azure AKS, and Google GKE. Octopus makes it easy to configure your cloud resources by discovering dynamic infrastructure, and enhancing support for server-free components like Amazon Lambda. This release also previews integration with enterprise change management using ServiceNow.

Why use Octopus for cloud-native deployments?

With Octopus 2022.2, Octopus Deploy addresses concerns about moving to the cloud by providing customers with a wide range of integrations for new and older technologies. You can use a tool to organize deployments of applications that use older technologies, as well as newer cloud-based technologies.

Octopus 2022.2 offers updates to make the transition to the cloud more seamless and intuitive. Updates include:

  • Built-in support for container hosting platforms such as Kubernetes, Amazon EKS and ECS, Azure AKS, and Google GKE.
  • Easier configuration of your cloud resources through dynamic infrastructure discovery, and enhanced support for serverless components like Amazon Lambda.
  • Early access preview of our enterprise change management integration using ServiceNow.
  • Introduced dynamic caching in Octopus Cloud to improve performance and responsiveness across multiple regions.
  • Other enhancements to allow teams to customize the look and feel, as well as security updates for OAuth authentication flows and session invalidation.

“The release of Octopus 2022.2 is not about arbitrarily moving each part or rewriting each application elsewhere for its own sake, but it helps teams take advantage of the opportunity. Our customers can now integrate right set of technologies and tools, and be strategic about where to modernize and where to maintain, ”said Octopus Deploy founder and CEO Paul Stovell.

Octopus 2022.2 supports all major cloud architectures, allowing customers to contain and modernize their CI/CD pipelines while expanding and maintaining business continuity.

The Octopus 2022.2 release of Octopus Deploy is available on the Octopus Cloud and is ready to download at https://octopus.com/downloads

About Octopus Deploy

Founded in 2012, Octopus Deploy helps DevOps teams at more than 25,000 companies accelerate reliable, repeatable, and trackable deployments to cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Octopus provides API-first approach, built-in multi-tenancy, security, release management, and deployment and runbook automation across all teams, projects, and tech stacks. Octopus customers get best practices with access to 500+ automation step templates. Octopus also integrates with hundreds of technologies, including Azure, AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes. Companies use Octopus Deploy to reduce downtime, deliver more features, and meet their compliance needs.

Octopus is based on Brisbane, Australiaand growing rapidly with a group scattered throughout Australia, New Zealand, USAand the UK.

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