Onepak launches ReturnCenter on ServiceNow Platform

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Onepak, creator of ReturnCenter, the leading platform for technology device circularity, today announced that the company’s collaborative platform is now available in the ServiceNow app store. ReturnCenter enables ServiceNow users to schedule, track and report on the transport of IT assets for disposition, return lease, redeployment or offboarding from within the platform of ServiceNow.

ReturnCenter for ServiceNow connects all stakeholders in the reverse supply chain ecosystem, including logistics providers, recyclers and reusers, and other relevant service offerings on a single, scalable platform. The platform also features a set of APIs that allow customers to connect ReturnCenter directly with their other enterprise software platforms and partners from global ERP to HR systems.

Holistic Returns Solution to Boost the Circular Economy

ReturnCenter provides total transparency on packing, shipping, delivery, and disposal for all return logistics transactions including equipment rental returns, employee asset returns and any other disposition or -asset recycling. The platform delivers a rich set of monitoring, reporting, and data management capabilities that improve an organization’s compliance with both industry regulations and internal obligations, and also help IT asset managers stay audit ready at all times. Additionally, all transactions conducted on the ReturnCenter platform are carbon neutral through blockchain-verified carbon offsets. As a result, ReturnCenter enables organizations to deliver on their maintenance goals more easily, while protecting the value of all their IT assets. Key monitoring and reporting capabilities of the platform include:

  • Logistics Order Tracking

  • Logistics Partner Routing

  • Order Management

  • SLA management

  • Partner Performance

  • User Management

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Report data from carbon neutral services to meet sustainability goals

ReturnCenter UX Makes Circular Simple

Customers access these tools through an engaging and easy-to-use interface that features dynamic dashboards for quick and complete data on any transaction. This approach facilitates ease of use by users throughout the asset return, redeployment, and recycling process. ReturnCenter transactions can be initiated, modified, and tracked by appropriate users in corporate or remote settings, at customer locations, data centers, or leasing companies. Customers can also offer stakeholders controlled access to remarketers, ITAD providers, logistics vendors and more than 400 trained service partners in the Onepak ecosystem.

With this level of visibility, there is no doubt about the chain of custody and any user can access at-a-glance information on the state of every transaction in the ReturnCenter cloud.

Flexibility, Scalability, Integration

The ReturnCenter platform is built in the cloud with a highly flexible architecture that easily scales as customers’ business needs change. ReturnCenter has the ability to fully integrate with an organization’s other critical enterprise software platforms such as ServiceNow, Flexera, SAP, Oracle, and others through a robust set of APIs.

“The ReturnCenter platform brings the ultimate financial and sustainability benefits of a closed-loop circular supply chain to thousands of ServiceNow users worldwide,” said Steve Andon, co-founder and CEO, Onepak. “Whether ReturnCenter is deployed as a standalone platform or integrated with ServiceNow or other enterprise platforms, it provides organizations worldwide with complete end-to-end visibility of the chain of custody of returned assets, as well as also the tools and metrics needed to demonstrate the ROI of their asset management programs.”

About Onepak

Onepak bends the traditional linear supply chain into a sustainable circle. ReturnCenter, the company’s online carbon neutral logistics platform, connects shippers, receivers, carriers, and their enterprise management tools in one scalable system. The platform delivers complete visibility into the chain of custody, access to a flexible network of more than 400 trained logistics partners covering every US zip code and offers multiple tracking and reporting capabilities. The company has consistently performed more than two billion pounds of product returns for a global customer base featuring leading organizations such as Dell Technologies, IBM, United Technologies, Carrier, Diebold, General Motors, Toyota, USBank and DLL Group. For more information, please visit

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