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OPENLM LOGO -Extending Licenses to Their Limits

OPENLM LOGO -Extending Licenses Beyond Their Limits

OpenLM has transformed the Cloud Portal into a completely new platform to provide a range of products to provide an unmatched experience to its customers.

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 10, 2022 / — OpenLM, the Israel-based software license management firm that helps organizations stretch their software licenses is now in the cloud. One of the most trusted names in engineering and specialty software license management, OpenLM has transformed Cloud Portal into a completely new platform to provide a range of products to provide an unmatched experience to its customers. OpenLM offers this ‘Platform as a Service or PaaS’ to its existing and new clients.

Based out of Israel, this tech organization is among the ‘Gartner Software Asset Management Market Guide, Sep 2021’ recognized global vendors. OpenLM provides software license monitoring, automation, and management of any legacy engineering and specialty software applications such as FlexLM, Sentinel, DSLS, IBM, Siemens, Bentley, Reprise, LM-X, Nvidia, Ansys, ESRI, Adobe, Salesforce, and more.

And now, OpenLM is bringing its range of innovations to the cloud with three of its new products within its OpenLM Cloud Portal (two more will be available soon):

Software License Management Cloud – provides all the essential engineering and specialty software license tracking and reporting capabilities you need.

Directory Sync (DSS) – allows organizations to synchronize their OpenLM database with their primary directory service.
OneDirectorySync – allows you to manage just one directory while OpenLM does the rest.

It is a one-stop secure portal that provides not only IT asset monitoring, rich reports, and cost-effective solutions but also role-based access control for different types of users Using OpenLM OneDirectorySync , connect OpenLM to an organization’s primary/master directory such as Google, AWS, Apache, etc. for seamless onboarding and off-boarding.

OpenLM Software License Management Cloud promises hassle-free configuration. That means, unlike before, installations will no longer be needed. Also, this new Cloud Portal will be very economical as it eliminates the need for high-end or multiple hardware infrastructure.

Whether it’s access or license data management, the OpenLM Cloud Portal will give customers the freedom to manage their data in their hands while ensuring an unbroken and secure environment through OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols.

Customers can now gain complete visibility of their license usage through the OpenLM Software License Management Cloud. The Cloud Portal will provide real-time insights into license usage, shelfware licenses, overutilized licenses, underutilized licenses, true denial requests, session-wise license usage, details of license activity, acquisitions, historical license usage statistics, etc. while minimizing or zeroing everything. audit and compliance risks. Organizations can use more while spending as little as possible on software applications.

Furthermore, with OpenLM Cloud Portal/Platform, clients will not need any additional hardware to host OpenLM Server. They automate all bug fixes, upgrades, and other maintenance requirements. More importantly, all maintenance will be performed by the OpenLM expert team.

Whether enterprise, SME, or start-up, the OpenLM Cloud Portal ensures easy tracking and tracing of all types of software licenses. Plus, organizations can easily manage all their licenses while optimizing their usage and staying compliant, and reducing overall license costs.

Although the offers may sound in the clouds, customers can easily get a 30-day trial period to test and evaluate the OpenLM Cloud Portal.

Organizations planning or looking to move to the cloud can contact OpenLM to learn more about its Cloud Portal and get started on optimizing their software licenses and usage.

About OpenLM:
OpenLM ( is one of the world’s leading engineering and specialty vendors
software license management solutions (source: Gartner Sept 2021 Software Asset Management Market Guide, 2021). It provides software license management solutions both on-premises (Product Name: OpenLM Software License Management; old name: OpenLM for Engineering Licensing) and on-cloud (Product Name: Software License Management Cloud; old name: OpenLM Cloud). OpenLM customers have been using its cloud offerings since 2018. Founded in 2007, today OpenLM has more than 1000 global customers. Almost 10% of these customers belong to the ‘Fortune 1000’ club and 400 of them are from the US.
OpenLM currently operates across Israel, USA, Europe, Japan, France, Moldova, India, Germany, Austria, and emerging countries such as Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, LATAM, and others. OpenLM has partnerships with traditional software asset management players, such as ServiceNow, and LicenseExpertConsultants.

Serving 15+ industries – Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering Services,
Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Semiconductor, Energy, Power &
Utilities, Gaming, Government, Telecommunications, Mining, Electronics,
Construction, and more, OpenLM has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 4.6. (Source: OpenLM Customer Satisfaction Survey).

OpenLM Cloud monitors, optimizes, and manages both engineering, specialty software licenses, and web-based SaaS applications such as FlexLM, Sentinel, OpenText, Siemens, SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Cloud, Matlab, Workday, Salesforce, Office 365, Autodesk, Slack, Postman, etc. OpenLM monitors web-based applications with the help of deploying the OpenLM Workstation Agent on the user’s workstation or standalone node or the OpenLM Browser Extension. Thus, improving license usage/availability and reducing licensing costs. OpenLM provides many pre-built API integrations, such as AutoCAD plugin, etc.

OpenLM Promises

A global platform to manage licenses
An improved end-user experience at minimal cost
Visibility of the organization’s software assets
Insights to drive data-driven decisions
Paper-based authorization system
Integration with other systems (for example ServiceNow)
Support for federated SSO
Monitoring SaaS or web-based applications

One can view OpenLM’s new pricing model here:
Any business queries can be sent through the ‘Contact Us’ page: Their contact numbers: Israel – +972 4 6308447, USA – +1 619 831 0029, Japan – +81 505 893 6263, India: + 91 98311 72694 UK:

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