Pryon’s Full-Stack AI Platform Delivers Industry-Leading Accuracy, Wins Top KMWorld AI50 Award

RALEIGH, NC-(BUSINESS WIRE)-In its mission to disrupt the business search and knowledge management markets by offering category-defining Knowledge-as-a-Service, Pryon was named to AI50 by leading publisher KMWorld.

Pryon’s full-stack platform orchestrates a suite of proprietary AI engines and models that enable clients to triple the level of accuracy by automating responses from current content . As the only solution that manages the entire document answering experience from end to end, Pryon delivers a significant return on investment for clients within a month in areas such as customer support and IT help desks.

Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld, said, “With organizations recognizing the huge potential of AI, it’s not surprising that market size is also expected to increase significantly. As part of our efforts to focus on innovations knowledge management vendors providing their AI and automation offerings, we feature at KMWorld AI50 those we think are leaders in smart knowledge management. ”

Customers report fast time-to-value, expand applications across multiple business units

A newly acquired Fortune 500 customer estimates the following impact from Pryon’s unique capabilities:

  • Millions of dollars in IT support costs have been saved

  • Reducing the total ticket volume by more than 60%

  • Tens of thousands of employee hours are saved and re-allocated to activities of higher value.

Pryon’s innovations are timely because customer satisfaction and employee productivity focus as key business differences in a challenging economy. Because of the ability to deliver fast ROI through automation, customers are expanding applications to additional business functions, including cybersecurity, data management, human resources, legal, and more.

By directly connecting its customers ’applications and knowledge base to their current locations – including, Atlassian Confluence, Google Drive, ServiceNow, Microsoft SharePoint, Zendesk, and more – Pryon automatically generates Knowledge Operating System that delivers interactive question -and -answer experiences directly to customer -facing systems, including chatbots, interactive voice response systems (IVRs), and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce’s Slack .

Chris Mahl, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Pryon, said, “Organizations seek to add value and increase productivity for their customers, partners, and employees. It’s great to see Pryon’s full-stack, API-driven architecture plugged into existing content and clients ’collaboration systems to activate high-impact knowledge initiatives in a matter of weeks . In a more difficult economy, the ability to double and triple profits on current assets is a silver lining that Pryon can provide. ”

Energy -saving advances and new platform security features

In addition, Pryon has launched version 4.9 that uses its latest machine learning (ML) innovations for generating natural language processing (NLP) models used for document ranking and search. The company’s approach uses 75 percent less energy than previous methods by reducing model training time while delivering a high level of accuracy. The accuracy and visualization of the Pryon platform in IRQA -style workloads is measured in client benchmarks as the highest commercially available accuracy.

Along with additional “eco-scaling” innovations to optimize system runtime energy consumption during ingest and inference, these capabilities mean customers can achieve higher levels of performance in delivering answers to their internal and external users while reducing environmental impact. Sublinear scaling will evolve across the platform to support even the most distributed multinational organizations.

To strengthen its role as a trusted partner in its customers ’digital transformation efforts, Pryon has also obtained SOC2 Type 1 certification to ensure the highest level of security for deployments. Security enhancements include encryption of content data at rest and on transit; network segmentation; client single sign-on (SSO) integration; user identity encryption; and advanced cybersecurity measures for detection, response, and remediation.

Kirsten Wolberg, Pryon board member, former DocuSign Chief Technology and Operations Officer (CTOO), and former Salesforce CIO, said, “Pryon’s SOC2 certification confirms how serious the team is about the security of knowledge ecosystems. its customers, especially as business units move Pryon to a more centralized position.This is a great step in positioning the company’s platform as a native part of the enterprise software stack that includes the necessary hardening to support the most required by use cases. ”

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About Pryon

Pryon defines the Knowledge-as-a-Service category to help organizations generate new levels of business value from their current assets. Connecting to their systems of record, Pryon’s platform quickly integrates complex, unstructured content into a fully connected Knowledge Operating System, triple the accuracy and power of applications such as AI assistants, chatbots, collaboration tools , and enterprise search. Driven by a vision to change the way the world interacts with knowledge, Igor Jablokov founded Pryon after his previous venture was acquired by Amazon to be the basis of the Alexa platform.

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