Quali Releases New Control Plane Enhancements for It

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quali, a leading provider of Environments-as-a-Service infrastructure automation and management solutions, today released enhanced features for its Torque platform to unify infrastructure orchestration and management. As a result, customers can increase the speed of infrastructure delivery and develop greater cost accountability and management while mitigating business risk.

Torque acts as a comprehensive end-to-end control plane for multi-cloud, IaC, virtual and container environments. New control plane features provide automated discovery, identification, modeling and operation of complex multi-tech environments by leveraging existing infrastructure configurations (ie Terraform), so that IT and DevOps team can optimize and prioritize infrastructure usage and demonstrate the value the infrastructure delivers to the business.

Additionally, Torque provides a unique and differentiated solution to automate and control heterogeneous infrastructure, improving governance, security, and cost accountability while addressing infrastructure complexity throughout the environment lifecycle.

Enhanced features in the latest release improve Torque’s capabilities to:

  • Automate the discovery and import of infrastructure configurations
  • Automate the identification and modeling of infrastructure assets in reusable environmental blueprints
  • Provide a common reference format for organizations to understand their infrastructure, apply managed automation and make infrastructure sharable and accountable at scale.
  • Automatically detect and alert on changes and differences between infrastructure configurations and live environments
  • Reduce the risk of configuration misalignments and unexpected changes
  • Offer cost predictability and link cloud expenditures for all infrastructure to users, projects, applications and business outcomes
  • Integrate with workflow and service management tools including ServiceNow, Ansible, Docker, Jira and AWS Cloud Formation

New enhancements to the Torque platform also support operations teams with new functions including:

  • Strengthening expansion environments by integrating security policies, compliance and cost management into the setup process
  • Configuration management where Torque calls and executes scripts to implement changes to infrastructure assets and models config change as a reusable component
  • Integrated policy engine capabilities based on Open Policy Agent (OPA) to define deployment options, instance types, consumption and usage guardrails

“As infrastructure technologies continue to evolve, many organizations we work with struggle to understand and manage the infrastructure their businesses rely on,” said Edan Evantal, Quali’s CTO. “Over the years, the freedom of choice for developers has resulted in complex and disparate tools throughout the DevOps toolchain. Companies are now looking to solutions like Torque to help standardize and build complete visibility into their infrastructure, so they can release faster with higher quality, manage cloud costs, more effectively enforce security policies and ensure compliance.”

Torque delivers and supports continuous delivery of application software at scale. With Torque, IT managers and leaders understand what infrastructure is being used, when, why and by whom in a consistent, measurable way without any negative impact on development practices and tooling. This ensures that freedoms for software development teams are maintained, while accelerating infrastructure delivery, accountability and mitigating risk to support business needs to plan, optimize and understand the value that software provides and infrastructure.

About Quali
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Quali provides the leading platform for Environments-as-a-Service infrastructure automation solutions, helping companies achieve freedom from infrastructure complexity, to run them with speed. Global 2000 enterprises and innovators everywhere rely on Quali’s award-winning CloudShell and Torque platforms to create self-service, on-demand automation solutions that increase engineering productivity, reduce of cloud costs, and optimizes infrastructure utilization. For more information, please visit quali.com and follow Quali on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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