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Enlarge againa leading supply chain management cloud platform designed for the cannabis industry recently announced a partnership with Viridi Farms, a farm support services company that provides compliance, operational services and cultivation expertise. It also offers Metrc services to farms in the cannabis industry.

“The Viridi Farms compliance team spends tens of hours per week, and in some cases days, manually entering the required data into the state-mandated Metrc track & trace system,” said a press release.

“When testing some of the available seed-to-sale tracking systems on the market to manage this process, Viridi was disappointed that these systems did little more than copy exactly what they did with Metrc, but with less traceability.”

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By taking processes that can reduce hours and days of work to minutesRegrow’s unique approach to this challenge solved the issue by providing Viridi with a system that tracked their regulatory requirements, but returned the administrative overhead back to the business.

The Regrow platform “Saved Viridi Farm time and money, while also providing useful data to help maximize their profits by lowering cost of goods sold.” It also increased Viridi Farm’s visibility across their entire multi-state operations, providing real-time yield data and allowing Viridi Farms to coordinate staffing requirements in one place.

Regrow CEO Rob Woodbyrne said: “We are delighted that Regrow has helped Viridi Farms solve their Metrc challenges, through our automated operations.”

Viridi has also been able to automate many manual processes, saving additional time and money. Regrow’s robust notification engine allows the team to stay proactive when production issues arise.

“Partnering with Regrow has lowered Viridi Farm’s operating costs in a significant way,” according to the press release.

“Regrow’s goal is to ensure that the cannabis supply chain is managed efficiently and responsibly, and we are proud to help our business partners make informed business decisions by eliminating their dependence on in spreadsheets and giving them a Single Pane of Glass view of their entire business,” Woodbyrne added.

Besides this, Dawn Loos, Director of Compliance at Viridi Farms Said that “Regrow not only solved our Metrc problems, but they gave us more visibility into our operations than we ever imagined.”

“This partnership resulted in the implementation of a solution that solves Viridi’s business challenges, creating real-time analytics for their operators and executives, while ensuring they operate in a compliant manner,” added Loos.

Regrow’s philosophy is the configure processes to match the unique business requirements of their customers in an easy to use environment. Furthermore, Regrow offers a complete view of the entire cannabis business operation – all delivered through the robust ServiceNow NOW platform.

According to the press release, by configuring the Regrow platform in their processes, Viridi Farms “It can now operate in a way that allows them to do business the way they want, while also monitoring compliance through Metrc.”

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