Regrow Offers Essential Tech Integrations, Meets the High Demand of Cannabis Operators

Grow again

Grow again

Cannabis SaaS Company Integrates Enterprise-Level Systems, Streamlining the Cannabis Business

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – by NewMediaWire – Grow again (the “Company”), the leading supply chain management cloud platform specifically designed for the cannabis industry, announced today that the Company is now integrating with enterprise-level systems to provide powerful workflow and management tools to cannabis operators.

Regrow offers a complete view of the entire operation of the cannabis business – all delivered through the robust ServiceNow platform. The Company’s enterprise applications connect cannabis operators with all of their data in one system that automates workflow, tracks the chain of custody, ensures SOP adoption, and provides performance analytics for executives. to have timely insight to make faster decisions from cultivation, inventory management, manufacturing. , distribution, and wholesale and retail demand management.

“We are pleased to offer cannabis operators a robust set of applications, built on the ServiceNow platform, to help them replace spreadsheets and automate their operations; Regrow is a trusted source of truth for all your data, a powerful API hub to connect other systems, allowing operators to aggregate all the data needed to manage their business. Whether it’s real time looking at sales inventory, planting planning and tracking, managing SOPs and/or managing compliance across multiple states, operations or Track & Trace systems, Single Pane of Glass Regrow can give you view of your entire operation, “said Regrow CEO Rob Woodbyrne.” Regrow will ensure that your cannabis supply chain is managed efficiently and responsibly; We look forward to helping our business partners make informed business decisions. by removing their reliance on spreadsheets and giving them a Single Pane of Glass view of their entire business. ”

Cannabis operators can integrate Regrow into almost any system or data source with a modern API, as well as some without a modern API. Systems such as LeafLink, Confident Cannabis, Metrc, as well as other major lab test providers, accounting systems, environmental monitoring systems and track-and-trace systems can be integrated into Regrow’s robust API capabilities , even for common enterprise systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Workday, and Twilio.

Regrow will also host a series of webinars designed to benefit cannabis companies, covering integrations with well-known operating systems within the cannabis industry. The events will showcase topics such as creating an efficient and integrated approach to managing multiple supply chain processes and vendors to effectively strengthen the cannabis business supply chain from seed to sale.

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About Regrow
Regrow is the leading cloud-based supply chain management platform specifically designed to help cannabis organizations manage their inventory, increase their yields, maximize their canopy space, automate workflows, manage their workforce, and ensure documented compliance in all areas of the supply chain. Designed by software and process experts who love cannabis and help grow the industry, the Regrow platform helps companies automate manual tasks, reduce costs, avoid supply shortages, and create dynamic workflows that help to maximize yields and increase profitability. Driven by a core philosophy of “continuous improvement”, the Regrow platform is configured to specific business needs and adaptable to the company’s scaling objectives, offering prescriptive solutions while complying with unique business requirements.

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