SentinelOne, Armis Releases Asset Intelligence Integration

SentinelOne and Armis work together to help organizations test and investigate threats on managed and unmanaged endpoints.

SentinelOne has integrated its Singularity eXtended detection and response (XDR) platform with the Armis asset intelligence platform, according to a prepared statement. The companies will demonstrate the integration on August 10 and 11 at the Black Hat USA 2022 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The SentinelOne-Armis integration provides organizations with threat content to help them test and investigate threats to managed and unmanaged endpoints and Internet of Things (IoT) and OT devices, the companies said. It also allows organizations to integrate device health, asset metadata and application inventory information into risk models.

In addition, SentinelOne now provides the Singularity Ranger app for Armis, the company said. The app provides organizations with real-time device metadata from Armis and enables them to automatically isolate suspicious devices or block endpoints from communicating with IoT and OT devices.

Cybersecurity Companies Introduces SentinelOne Singularity XDR Integrations

Along with Armis, several cybersecurity companies have announced Singularity XDR integrations in 2022, including:

Oneness and Infinite Integration

SentinelOne’s Singularity Marketplace gives cybersecurity companies “unlimited integration with codeless automation,” the company indicated. The marketplace allows cybersecurity companies to partner with SentinelOne and integrate Singularity’s capabilities into their offerings.

Meanwhile, MSSPs make up more than 20 percent of SentinelOne’s revenue, President Nicholas Warner told Wall Street analysts during the business’s quarterly earnings call on June 1, 2022. SentinelOne also appears poised to continue explore opportunities to help channel partners launch Singularity integrations.

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