SentinelOne (S) XDR -Okta Integration to Boost Incident Response – June 1, 2022

SentinelOne (S Free Reports) recently announced the integration of the SentinelOne XDR platform directly with Oktaby (OKTA Free Report) identity management capabilities.

Okta is a vendor-neutral cloud-based identity and access solution that requires no tradeoffs between ease of use and full functionality.

The integration of XDR Response into the Okta platform will allow security management and IT teams to quickly respond to credential compromises and identity-based attacks, thus minimizing business risk. With SentinelOne across the enterprise attack surface and Okta enforcing identity policies, organizations enjoy the best of both worlds in a single solution.

The latest move is expected to help SentinelOne gain strong momentum with customers around the world as rising data breaches and security threats are a constant reminder to upgrade security infrastructures.

Rising Data Breach Helps Adoption For SentinelOne XDR Platform

With the rise of identity -based threats and data breaches, even more so since the pandemic began, businesses now need the ability to determine when attackers are exploiting, misusing, or stealing enterprise identities. .

As more and more organizations are speeding toward digitization and racing to use the public cloud, human and non-human identities continue to rise sharply. Because attackers primarily use credentials and use Active Directory (AD), identity -based activity detection has now become critical.

According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of violations involve the human element, including the use of stolen credentials. While existing solutions take care of different parts of the business, they are often siloed, creating visibility gaps and making it difficult to achieve a holistic understanding of an organization’s security posture.

In the current era, cybersecurity is a mission-critical infrastructure in every geography, industry vertical and organizational size. Thus, the environmental demand for SentinelOne security solutions, particularly SentinelOne’s cutting-edge autonomous XDR platform, remains very strong.

The company performs well with a broad base of strength in new customer adds, current customer renewals and upsell. By fiscal 2022, the company’s strategic partners had grown to more than 20% of its business, including Managed Security Service Providers, Incident Response (IR) firms, and Managed Detection and Response providers.

Moreover, the SentinelOne platform continues to expand with new partners and acquisitions.

Recently, SentinelOne acquired Attivo Networks, an identity security and lateral movement protection company with a massive hundreds of customer base around the world, including Fortune 500 organizations. Using Attivo’s user -centered identification capabilities, SentinelOne will be able to support a more comprehensive zero trust framework.

Notably, the organization has also launched integrations Service Today (NOW Free Report) and Mandiant (MNDT Free Reports), thus expanding its partner base.

Earlier this year, Mandiant selected SentinelOne as a global go-to-market partner.

Mandiant is one of the leading IR companies in the world. The partnership helps leading incident response consultants use SentinelOne’s XDR platform to investigate and fix violations.

SentinelOne also announced the SentinelOne App for ServiceNow Security Incident Response (SIR), which unites IT and security teams in organizations to provide a more comprehensive end-to-end security solution in cloud environments.

Integrating SentinelOne directly with ServiceNow allows customers of both companies to use the ServiceNow platform to test threats.

In the current scenario, organizations in industries, from technology to global consumer brands, need to embrace digital conversion and move to the cloud as soon as possible. As a cybersecurity platform that spans endpoints and surfaces of all types, cloud workloads, mobile devices and IoT devices and is now identity, SentinelOne has a strategic advantage and expects to witness steady growth in the current year of finance.

SentinelOne, which currently holds Zacks Rank #4 (Sell), is down 44% in the year-to-date period compared to Zacks Computers-IT Servicesfall which is 15.8% and Zacks Computer and Technologysector is down 23.8%.

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