ServiceNow and Qualtrics progress partnership on the new tool that puts experience and operational data side by side

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ServiceNow and Qualtrics announced the latest development in their ongoing partnership, using a new tool that aims to give IT and customer service agents a single view of employee and customer experience data, as well as data of operation, side by side.

The Qualtrics Embedded Insights app aims to help service desk agents and managers better understand not only how quickly they resolve customer/employee issues, but also how they feel about their experiences when communicating. contact a service desk.

The announcement gives a taste of how we expect the partnership between the two vendors to evolve, but also relates to how ServiceNow thinks about its current strategy. Rather than simply providing the mechanism by which work flows in an organization (workflows), ServiceNow seeks to deepen by addressing process blocks, through its partnership with Celonis, or through adding additional data to the context, as we will see here in Qualtrics.

ServiceNow announced its partnership with Qualtrics in April last year, where CEO Bill McDermott said that “empathy on a mass scale is the difference of 21st Century business”. McDermott oversaw the acquisition of SAP’s Qualtrics when he was former CEO at the vendor – but the company has since been removed from SAP, at a higher cost. Clearly McDermott sees value in the data that Qualtrics can deliver.

Commenting on the new app release, Matt Schvimmer, SVP of products and service management at ServiceNow, said:

The IT architecture is now the architecture of the business, and service agents are under tremendous pressure to measure the demands of our digital-first world.

Arming IT and customer service agents with the most important information on issues and interactions in real-time and in one place, ServiceNow and Qualtrics help agents deliver proactive, seamless and personalized employee and customer experiences that help create lasting loyalty and boost organizational bottom lines.

Qualtrics Embedded Insights, the new tool, provides pre -built configurations that aim to allow organizations to see their experience data – what people think and feel – and operational data – as of cases resolved and the time to resolve – in a centralized view within their ServiceNow Workspace. Qualtrics Embedded Insights also aims to allow IT and customer service teams to identify opportunities to automate tasks by a few clicks, not code. Agents, according to the two companies, can provide personalized service within ServiceNow for priority and complex issues.

Qualtrics said the tool should make it easier to understand what customers are thinking and feeling, helping agents take more immediate action within ServiceNow to improve the overall customer service experience. For example, managers can initiate in-the-moment service agent coaching based on feedback within their ServiceNow Workspace.

Jay Choi, Qualtrics EVP and Chief Product Officer of EmployeeXM, said:

Technology has become central to employee and customer experiences. A bad experience can have a lasting impact as people decide where to work and which brands to do business with.

Our integration with ServiceNow makes it easier for organizations to provide great experiences from the start, helping employees be more productive at work and customers are more attentive when there are issues.


Qualtrics and ServiceNow also released new research this week, in which a study of 1,000 IT professionals in companies with more than 1,000 employees found that four providers (81%) said they were wasting more than 10% of their work days are in process and technology inefficiencies.

And in a separate study of more than 3,000 customers, more than two-thirds (69%) said they switched between two to three channels to fix an issue, where they often had to repeat the same information. several times.

Research has found that long wait times (56%) continue to be the most frustrating customer service issue, followed by too long time to resolve an issue (28%), and the inability to reach a actual people (23%).

Customer Jon Cheatwood, senior technician at the University of Notre Dame, commented on the merger between Qualtrics and ServiceNow and said:

Technology plays an important role in the classroom, providing students and teachers with tools to enhance learning, communication and collaboration.

The integration of Qualtrics and ServiceNow plays an important role in automating our maintenance prevention process. We are now better, more effective and transparent in supporting classrooms, saving over 3,000 hours of work across the Audio Video Technologies team in support of our learning spaces for the eighteen months since implement integration.

What I take

In recent conversations with ServiceNow executives, including CEO Bill McDermott, it became clear that the company does not think of the employee and customer experience as two separate agendas. Its view is that the two are inseparable.

The goal of ServiceNow is that if it can improve the employee experience directly in the workflow, either by providing data in context or by applying process adjustments using automation, it will enable employees who spend more time in areas of high value – such as improving the customer experience. Also, it applies the same thought process to workflows that directly touch the customer.

Given the macroeconomic climate, with rising inflation and fears of ‘Great Resignation’, vendors that can boost employee productivity, add value to the workplace and improve customer retention should be well on their way.


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