ServiceNow “STAND” With SAP!

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In this Cloud Wars Minute, Bob explains the new ServiceNow program RiseUp on ServiceNow and noted the similarities between its program and the RISE with SAP program.


00:36 — During its earnings call, ServiceNow announced a new program called RiseUp with ServiceNow. The program aims to educate and develop new skills for one million people certified in ServiceNow technology.

00:55 — In January 2021, SAP launched a program called RISE with SAP. Bob thinks that SAP has a right to expect some recognition from ServiceNow because the names are so closely related; there was no mention from ServiceNow of its decision to mirror the SAP program name.

01:48 — The program launched by ServiceNow is a forward-thinking idea. The company has had remarkable success launching trailhead programs. However, Bob thinks that SAP deserves a “tip of the hat” from ServiceNow, which created the idea of ​​the “rise with” title.

02:17 — Bill McDermott, CEO and Chairman of ServiceNow, was the former CEO of SAP from 2010 to 2019. Bob suggests that there is no shortage of knowledge about that at ServiceNow.

03:06 — Obviously, ServiceNow piggybacks on SAP’s terminology and marketing program and deserves public recognition.

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