ServiceNow, the platform that brings your business together, expands its investment commitment to SA and Africa

Muhammed Omar, Country Manager, Africa, ServiceNow.

Muhammed Omar, Country Manager, Africa, ServiceNow.

ServiceNow celebrates stellar growth in southern Africa with additional focus and investment across the region and continent. Our success underscores two key elements at play: the desire of African firms to integrate and deepen their operational and strategic visibility, and the evolution of ServiceNow as the platform that provides the control tower for your entire business.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth locally, especially over the past 18 months-and in my conversations with local business leaders, I see why,” said Cathy Mauzaize, Vice-President of ServiceNow for in EMEA South. “Companies at all verticals and maturity levels want a more effective way to find out how different parts of their business work and guide them toward better performance. The C-suite needs to have such a level of insight and orchestration, but the need extends to all levels in a company. The ServiceNow platform has evolved to match those needs without disrupting or disrupting existing system investments made by the business. “

In response to market growth, ServiceNow is increasing its local presence, including expanding over the next two years to more staff and partners, and a substantial emphasis on skills development.

The platform that binds the business

ServiceNow does not replace platforms or services in an enterprise. Instead, it is a control tower for the enterprise, creating a layer that brings together all parts of the organization.

Cathy Mauzaize, VP EMEA South, ServiceNow.

Cathy Mauzaize, VP EMEA South, ServiceNow.

Beginning with its life 18 years ago as a service management platform, ServiceNow has expanded to offer features that enhance multiple areas within an enterprise. Platform capabilities include tracking, reporting, KPI implementation and workflow automation. ServiceNow lets leaders track features such as inter-organizational bridges, customer experiences, employee engagement and skill needs, management and other ESG, supply chain considerations and more .

“We are digitizing and automating cross-enterprise workflows and optimizing business processes,” said Muhammed Omar, Country Manager of ServiceNow for Africa. “For example, we can support the employee experience by providing a personalized experience for each employee, which enhances employee engagement while digitizing key workflows such as onboarding and transitions. We can extend it to customers or suppliers-by automating communication from the front office to the middle and back office.And finally, with our low code platform, customers can create their own applications to reduce technical debt. “

These capabilities make ServiceNow a natural fit for organizations across the digital modernization spectrum. Whether they are just beginning their digital innovation strategies, or if they are digitally advanced but need ways to manage their complex environments, ServiceNow provides a way to achieve their goals.

What makes ServiceNow different from competing platforms? We define our pedigree by combining a few requirements:

  • One platform: ServiceNow is a unique platform that extends different capabilities for different verticals and uses one platform, one data model and architecture.
  • No blunt acquisitions: Instead of bolting on acquisitions, ServiceNow deletes the acquired IPs and incorporates them as an ongoing part of the platform.
  • Continuous innovation: Our developers and partners add new and improved capabilities, including analytics, machine learning features and natural language processing to the platform twice a year.
  • ServiceNow is customer zero: We use the platform to manage our operations and strategy.

Many platforms may claim some of these elements, but few combine them as effectively and none as comprehensive as ServiceNow. We also stand out for our increased focus on the C-suite.

ServiceNow provides executives and chief officers with a way to improve KPI management, reporting and implementation. They can drive strategy through a dashboard, which promotes initiatives that highlight key considerations such as opex, talent retention, customer satisfaction, ESG initiatives and activities that enhance bottom line.

“How can I effectively manage my customers? What can I do to optimize my opex to revenue ratio? How can I drive more revenue? How can I drive more revenue? How can I unleash potential from my customer base? Do I have the right employees? How can I ensure I deliver the best experience to attract and retain people? These types of questions are on the mind of every C-suite executive , and this is where integrated platforms like ServiceNow are making a big impact, ”Mauzaize said.

Investing in Africa

Businesses in Africa are no strangers to these questions. Not surprisingly, ServiceNow is seeing great growth across Africa, specifically in South Africa. As a fast -growing region, its organizations are eager users of new business technologies. They intuitively benefit from the integrated ServiceNow platform that integrates and boosts the effectiveness of their business systems, processes and people.

ServiceNow is investing in more local staff, partners and skills development to support this growth, Omar says: “The African continent fits the profile of the target market we are looking for, to serve and work with. We have experienced over 30% YOY growth and it gives us the confidence to double our investment. We are investing in current and future partners, and we run skills development projects that help boost employment and add more local capabilities for our customers.ServiceNow is present in South Africa at nearly nine years, but it’s just the beginning of a bigger relationship. “

ServiceNow is the control tower every business needs. Accelerate your business insights, strategy and control using the platform that brings your company together and enhances your systems, technology, people and processes.

Africa and the world are collaborating on ServiceNow. Contact us and find out why you should too.


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