Singapore embraces the untapped potential of AI at the 36th global edition of Trescon’s World AI Show


The 36th global edition of the World AI Show was hosted at Marina Bay Sands on 3 – 4 August 2022, as part of a world tour conceptualized and managed by global business event and consulting firm, Trescon. These events have successfully completed several editions around the world including Dubai, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Moscow, Nairobi, Frankfurt, Mauritius, Kuala Lumpur, Qatar, Thailand, Jakarta, Malaysia, Manila, Riyadh, Australia, to name a few. some.

Singapore, Aug 16, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The 36th edition of the World AI Show wrapped up with a power-packed two-day conference that acted as an important driver for Singapore’s bold vision of harnessing innovation and technology; to further its goals by bringing together government leaders and an inspirational line-up of AI experts and solution providers. More than 50 speakers from around the world spoke at the event, including key stakeholders in Singapore’s digital revolution.


The conference is based on assisting key organizations and businesses from the public and private sectors in developing and delivering best practices to drive AI innovation and adoption in Singapore. It showcased diverse views and perspectives from diverse industries by exchanging ideas, addressing significant learning, and highlighting new developments from the business, government, and professional sectors.

Some of the top speakers attending the World AI Show taking place on 3rd and 4th August 2022 include:

  • Jason See; Senior Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID), GovTech, Singapore
  • Sutowo Wong; Director, Data Analytics, Ministry of Health, Singapore, Singapore
  • Dennis Khoo; Director (Port Systems), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Singapore
  • Simon Chesterman; Senior Director of AI Governance, AI Singapore, Dean, Faculty of Law and Vice Provost (Educational Innovation), National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Miao Song; Global Chief Information Officer, GLP, Singapore
  • James Ang; Senior Vice President, APAC, Dataiku, Singapore
  • Alex Aung; Director; Sales Engineering (South Asia), Dataiku, Singapore
  • Adrian Tan; Solutions Engineer, Alteryx, Singapore
  • Alex Hoehl; Regional VP, ASEAN and Korea, Denodo, Singapore
  • Amit Savarkar; Director of Strategic Partnerships, TigerGraph, Singapore
  • Steven Hoi; MD of Salesforce Research Asia, Salesforce, Singapore
  • Ashish Pandey; Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow, Singapore
  • Serene Keng; Country Manager, Singapore, Channel and Alliance Head APAC, TigerGraph, Singapore
  • Vidhu Gautam; MD, Easy Data Analytics Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Danielle Jiang; Deputy Director – AI Development Office, FinTech Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Shivam Countryl; Senior Data Scientist,, Singapore
  • Vidhu Gautam; MD, Easy Data Analytics Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Tauhid Abdul Jalil; Principal Consultant, Southeast Asia, Laiye and more.

Jason See; Senior Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID), GovTech, Singapore, spoke at length on the topic ‘Outlining how government uses AI to improve government services’. He made strong points and was quoted as saying, “By automating government processes and using data analytics, the government is able to improve the quality and efficiency of its services. The government is also using AI to better understand the needs of its citizens and provide them with personalized services.”

Sutowo Wong; Director, Data Analytics, Ministry of Health, Singapore, Singapore on ‘Building a Foundation for Resident Centric Health’. He was quoted as saying“AI has the potential to transform and automate the healthcare industry, but it is not a silver bullet. AI works most effectively when it is combined with human experts, who can use its analytical power to refine and augment result. AI may improve efficiency for providers, but it cannot be expected to help providers alone transform a broken health care system.”

While delivering his tech talk on ‘How to Formulate a Winning AI Strategy?’, Alex AungDirector, Sales Engineering (South Asia), Dataiku, Singapore, said, “Try to remove frictions, build resilience, create culture and bet on your AI journey and AI models will optimize all of your business as a whole.

One of the most notable panel discussions witnessed at the event discussed ‘AI & Data Strategy: Driving innovation in data science maturity to create value in organizations.’ Speakers are included in the panel Sutowo WongDirector, Data Analytics, Ministry of Health, Singapore, Singapore; Son Tran, Chief Information Technology Officer, Prudential Vietnam, Prof. Simon ChestermanSenior Director of AI Governance, AI Singapore, Dean, Faculty of Law & Vice Provost (Educational Innovation), National University of Singapore, Singapore; Dr. Steven HoiManaging Director, Salesforce Research Asia; Dr. Meri RosichChief Data Officer, Standard Chartered Bank and Moderated by Arrivuvel RamuGroup Chief Technology Officer TONIK (Digital Bank).

In this panel discussion, panelists provided their insights on how AI and data strategies are helping organizations make smarter business decisions and how AI can be used to predict business outcomes and consumer outcomes that help organizations improve their products and services, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs , create new revenue streams, and reduce risk.

Another noteworthy panel discussion during the event covered the topic ‘Unlocking the real benefits of AI in the field of customer experience.’ Speakers are included in the panel Dietmar Bohmer, Chief Analytics Officer, Tyme; Sourabh Chitrachar, Regional VP (Asia) – Technology Strategy & Ops, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Ashish Kulkarni, Director and Product Owner, Standard Chartered Bank; Moderated through Geetha Gopal, Head of Infrastructure Projects Delivery and Digital Transformation, Panasonic Asia Pacific.

The panel discussed how regional digibanks use AI to compete with established competitors in the market, driven by the power of data, increased customer satisfaction, and optimization of customer service hours spent through of proactive use of sentiment analysis and conversational AI. Industry-specific regulations are pushing their applicable AI boundaries, as well as the possibility and need for industry-agnostic AI standards. Changing operating models to use reliable data and processes and complement a clearly defined AI business strategy.

Meow song, Global CIO, GLP, Singapore shares insights on ‘AI and Digital Transformation in a changing world.’ He was quoted as saying, “Digital transformation is the art of understanding today’s challenges, building for the future, and seizing today’s opportunities. It requires companies to use AI, automation, analytics, and supply chain visibility to achieve a competitive edge. AI is a journey, not a destination.

Adrian Tan; Solutions Engineer, Alteryx, Singapore, while delivering his tech talk on ‘The Democratization of Analytics: Scale the impact of analytics across the organization’, stated, “We need to make analytics easy. We need to move from data to insights in seconds and minutes versus days and weeks. We need to cover everything from ELT itself and data preparation, to advanced analytics, spatial analysis, and even automated insights.”

“We are delighted to close out another amazing World AI Show in Singapore. The love and respect this series has received again has been great not only for Trescon, but the entire technology community in Singapore and beyond. We are sure that We are about to make this event one of Singapore’s most important, and well-attended AI conferences,” stated Mithun Shetty, CEO, Trescon.

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