SkyHive Announces New VP and Head of Product

Reskilling Veteran Luke Egenolf Joins SkyHive to Lead Product Innovation

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Feb. 17, 2022 / SkyHive, a SaaS company that delivers smart workforce planning technology to support companies, communities and nations, today announced that, effective February 14, 2022, Luke Egenolf has been appointed Vice President and Head of Product. The news continues with SkyHive’s four recent leadership hires as the company continues to expand to meet the growing demand for skill-based products and services.

As VP and Head of Product, Luke leads the SkyHive product team and oversees the vision, innovation, design and development of SkyHive products.

Luke entered the tech industry managing large -scale tech implementation at Deloitte Consulting, moving from product management and applications to developing platform design and products using Workday and ServiceNow. Luke designed and created the Workday Skills Cloud platform, bringing it from 0 to nearly 1,000 customers and launching multiple products to help organizations optimize their talent to scale.

Sean Hinton, CEO and founder at SkyHive, said, “Luke is an expert in developing skills-based talent and engagement. His focus is on equipping and empowering teams to deliver products that highly impact for users, and its approach to scaling teams, products and businesses within industry-leading enterprise technology, will continue to differentiate SkyHive’s products and deliver value to our customers .

“To meet the global need for re -skills, a new type of organization is emerging – one resilient as a business but built around a focus and commitment to creating a positive impact on society. SkyHive is this type of organization, and that’s why I’m excited to join the team, ”said Luke Egenolf, VP and Head of Product at SkyHive. people to reach their full potential. Individuals, communities and businesses need better data to make decisions in our economy very fast as lightning. “

Egenolf added, “As we pursue our mission to organize the world’s labor market data, we will make the path and opportunities for re -practice clear for our users.”

About SkyHive

SkyHive is a Certified B Corporation and SaaS provider of intelligent workforce planning technology, which monitors and optimizes labor market efficiency in real time by retraining personnel in companies, communities, and the national economy. Founded in 2017 by Sean Hinton, SkyHive’s AI -supported Quantum Labor Analysis platform has been recognized by the likes of Forbes, Gartner, and the World Economic Forum for its positive impact on labor economies around the world. For more information, visit

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